Antiques Road Trip expert stunned as auctioneer mocks him over loss Hes laughing at me!

Antiques Road Trip: Tim questions why auctioneer 'smirked'

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Izzie Balmer and Tim Medhurst were back on the road on Monday as the pair visited Wales on Antiques Road Trip. The antique experts were hoping to find treasured items they could make a huge profit with at auction. However, Tim was left mortified when the auctioneer “laughed” at him when he made a loss on a walking cane. 

Once Tim and Izzie had purchased all of their items, they watched on as their antiques went under the hammer. 

When his Brussel sprout cane went up for auction, Tim noted: “You can’t have a Christmas dinner without Brussels sprouts.”

“Oh no,” Izzie agreed as Tim continued: “So this cane just reminds me of Christmas.”

The auctioneer started the bidding at £10 before admitting the item had “stalled”.

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“Why is he smiling?” Tim asked. “He’s laughing at me.”

The auctioneer brought the auction to an end at £10 leaving Tim with a loss of £8.

“I loved the auctioneer’s little smirk,” Izzie commented while laughing.

“He smirked because he knows that whoever had bought that was losing money,” her co-star added.

Once the auction had come to an end, Izzie and Tim’s final winnings were calculated. 

Both of the experts had started the day with £200 and both finished with a profit. 

Tim achieved £221.66 while Izzie triumphed with £308.46.

Earlier in the instalment, Tim explained why he was drawn to the cane. 

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“That’s quite a little charmer,” Tim remarked. “Look at that.”

“On the face of it, you could pick this up and think, ‘Oh it’s just an old twig.’

“But that has been lovingly fashioned into a little walking cane, it’s got a lovely pattern to it.

“I imagine this was probably used maybe up to 100 years ago.”

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“A lot of these canes were fashioned out of things you’d have around like Brussels sprout canes,” he continued. 

“Things growing in your allotment or garden and you’d find a useful shape and turn it into a walking stick. 

“Look at that, it’s perfect, it’s something that can still be used today and it’s charming.”

Antiques Road Trip airs on BBC One on weekdays at 4.30pm.

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