Antiques Road Trip teases new host as clue points towards BBC star

Antiques Road Trip: Izzie Balmer makes profit on necklace

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It seems a new host could be about to join the team though, with the official Antiques Road Trip Twitter account suggesting a newbie is making an appearance in upcoming episodes. In a cryptic post from earlier this week, the BBC show’s account shared a photo of antique specialist Izzie Balmer peeking from behind a cupboard as she grinned in someone’s direction. The caption reads: “Who’s @izziebalmer720 hiding from? We have a new Roadtripper in town! Any guesses?” and it seems the mystery newcomer could be Bargain Hunt’s, Colin Young.

Bargain Hunt star Colin was quick to respond to the Tweet, resharing the image and stating: “I can’t quite make out the initials”.

In the picture, he’d circled a marking in the wood which appears to read “CY”.

Could the auctioneer be swapping BBC shows to head on a road trip with a famous face?

Fans were quick to respond to the post, with Twitter user @AndrewF23471873 writing: “Somebody with the initials ‘CY’?…..Wait a minute, those are your initials!  Are you joining Antique’s Road Trip? I do hope so.”

@dawnd66 penned: “Ooo is it a BH antiquer that’s not road-tripper yet? I’d like to see Tim Weeks @TimWeeks720 on the road!”

“If it’s not Tim Weeks I’ll be devastated,” agreed @JulesQuick2.

An impatient @Noahs_nan asked: “Are we getting to know then or do we have to wait until the programme is broadcast?”

@Mark121115 kindly added: “Welcome to the ART family whoever he/she is.”

@anne_npcl commented: “Nooooooo can’t leave us hanging! Whoever it is I’m sure they’ll be great.”

@BobbieRosa1998 shared: “@AntiqueRoadTrip @izziebalmer720I would love if it was Caroline Hawley!”

Several of the current hosts on Antiques Road Trip also appear on Bargain Hunt.

Izzie is among the cast who appears in both BBC programmes, as well as Charles Hanson.

Colin is somewhat used to a life on the road, with Bargain Hunt also demanding the presenters to travel up and down the country.

In an interview with BBC, he detailed his favourite part of being on the show.

“When Bargain Hunting it is the post-shopping debrief I enjoy most,” he explained.

“The pressure is off and the adrenaline is still running so I get to tell the team exactly how we avoided losses bigger than our whole £300 budget on individual items.

“Then they know why my pre-shop advice was, ‘we have 1 hour, when I say NO, don’t ask why – just trust me.’

“Beyond that absolute, I always let the teams go with their choices and give them the best advice possible, it’s their show.

“And the best role? Without doubt, it is auctioneering – If I could go on the rostrum five days a week that would be perfect, I love every moment of it, whatever I am selling.”

Colin certainly has enough expertise under his belt to become a valued member of the popular Antiques Road Trip.

For now, fans will have to wait and see, but a new series of the auction show will be “coming soon” to BBC One.

Previous episodes of Antiques Road Trip are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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