Bachelorette tonight LIVE- Fans hope Rodney becomes 'next Bachelor' & Peter's slammed for throwing Will's jacket in pool

THE Bachelorette fans are hoping Rodney Mathews becomes the next Bachelor after his charming one-on-one date tonight.

Also on tonight's drama-filled show, Peter Izzo stirred up a feud with his rival, Will Urena, by throwing his coveted Top Gun jacket into the pool.

Will previously won the jacket as a prize on their Top Gun: Maverick themed date.

Also on Tuesday's Bachelorette episode, Michelle took the men on an aviation-themed date hosted by the stars of the upcoming sequel, Glen Powell & Jay Ellis.

This week's show comes after Jamie Skaar broke down and revealed his mom was suicidal as fans took to Twitter to praise Joe Coleman's basketball skills.

As Jamie opened up about his life challenges to Michelle, he said: "When I was 24 my mom committed suicide."

Both appeared teary-eyed, as Michelle responded: "I don’t know you that well but I’m so proud of what you’ve come through and how you conduct yourself."

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  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Due to tonight's drama involving Jamie, Michelle canceled the night's cocktail party.

    The group will then immediately go into the rose ceremony – meaning those who did not spend time with Michelle this week could go home.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Since Jamie was not able to explain his "lies" and actions, Michelle admitted that "all trust" between them has now been "broken."

    "I'm very hurt by you right now. I don't trust you at this moment and I have to be done with it.

    "So I'm going to walk you out right now," she told Jamie.

    Jamie exited to the waiting SUV and was driven away.

    "I'm really upset, but just as Jamie. It was no one's fault besides Jamie," Michelle said back in the lobby to the group of men.

    "I won't stand to be manipulated in conversations or lied to," she added.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    The ABC lead appeared furious and confused by Jamie's comments and wanted to chat one-on-one about the topic.

    "By you bringing this up, it became a thing that it wasn't. I'm struggling with this right now, I would like to talk to you outside," she said.

    She continued: "This drama was created about my character. You put that out there, Jamie, you did."

    Jamie shook his head and did not appear to take any responsibility for his actions.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Michelle told hosts Kaitlyn and Tayshia she is "emotionally exhausted" but will do her best to "not put her walls up."

    She then confronted the group of men as they argued about the topic in the lobby.

    "Is everything okay? There's a weird vibe that's going on," Michelle asked.

    Jamie attempted to explain his side of the events however, the people in the house appeared confused at his explanation.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Nayte asked Jamie if he is "threatened by Joe" which resulted in him "making up" an entire story.

    Jamie did not directly answer, while instead appearing frazzled and not knowing how to answer the question.

    "Jamie is doing a lot of deflecting and slithering out of every question we asked him," Romeo said.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Once the men confronted Jamie about his comments, he appeared frazzled by the group knowing he made the comments.

    He stalled for several minutes before attempting to give an excuse.

    However, Nayte said that the narrative he was trying to sell "never happened."

    Jamie then continued to talk in circles and did not have any specific names or details to backup his information.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Contestant Rick made it clear to Michelle that the men in the house did "NOT" second-guess her intentions on joining the show like Jamie claimed.

    Michelle revealed Jamie is the person who brought that up – which led Rick to tell the rest of the group.

    "Michelle was crying and in so much pain when she came down and he sat there in silence," Rick said furious.

    Rick's friends, including Nayte, then banded together to confront Jamie directly.

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    "Did you cheers everyone because I'm about to steal you," Nayte told Michelle excitedly before he swept her away.

    The duo talked about their trust in one another before she took her heels off to literally run away to get some privacy outside of the resort.

    They shared a romantic kiss in the darkness of the night as the rest of the men waited inside.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    The villain of the season, Jamie, was caught on a hot mic talking trash about Michelle.

    “I thought they did a Nationwide casting, like who are these guys?

    "I think the challenging part of today is Michelle’s in Spring Break mode. And that’s the disappointing part," he told a producer.

    Fans are confused and furious by the comments, with many wondering if he and the producer are friends.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Michelle gushed that the second group date "completely capitalized" on their day.

    However, she could only give her group date rose to one man and chose Brandon.

    "It's such a privilege to know she likes me for me. I'm absolutely crazy about this woman.

    "I'm smitten, fellas, I'm smitten," Brandon said, thrilled.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Brandon kicked off the poetry showcasing his writing skills and bringing Michelle up on stage to recite his work to her directly.

    The Bachelorette herself also took the stage to say some words for "her future soulmate."

    She expressed that early on in life, she felt she became the "token Black girl" and discussed her thoughts on that experience.

    "I blamed by singleness on being a late bloomer. I was picked last for prom and first for basketball," she confessed in her poem.

    Ending on an optimistic note, she saidL "Hey soulmate, if you're listening, you'll need to understand, all I've wanted is love and I hope you can be that man," she told the group of applauding men.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Spoken word poet Rudy Francisco joined the show for tonight's date.

    The focus, unsurprisingly, was for the men to write their own poems that express their feelings for Michelle.

    "This is an opportunity for Michelle to get to know who I am," Mollique said in a confessional.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    During a romantic candle-lit dinner, Rodney and Michelle opened up about what they are looking for in a relationship.

    Michelle admitted that when she looks at her parents, they "still laugh together" and that's something she is looking for.

    The couple also discussed deeper topics, such as race.

    Michelle explained that during a previous relationship, her partner did not understand why she was upset when a woman called her the N-word at the grocery store.

    She said she needs that support in a relationship and not to be doubted, which Rodney said he "totally understands."

    "The way that you carry yourself as a Queen makes me really excited. Whatever life throws at us, we can get through it," he assured Michelle.

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    Fans are loving Rodney after his one-on-one date with Michelle, with many taking to Twitter to express their praise for the star.

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    To conclude their date, Michelle pulled a final card in the lobby of their hotel.

    "We dare one of you to strip down to nothing while the other yells with the megaphone 'this is our journey,'" she read.

    As Michelle screamed in the megaphone, Rodney ran around butt naked, only covering his private parts with a pillow, as the other men watched in amusement.

    Hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe also came out of their hotel rooms to enjoy the show.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Fan-favorite Rodney joined Michelle for his first one-on-one date where they would be playing Truth Or Dare.

    "I've been anxious because I've never been the tallest in the room or the most handsome.

    "But I'll always give it my all with my heart," he said before the date.

    The pair continued to feed each other food objects blindfolded in the kitchen of their Palm Desert resort.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Following all of the drama from the night, Michelle – who was unaware of the drama between Peter and Will – handed out her group date rose to Martin.

    "Martin, you listened and pulled me aside during our group date which meant a lot. Will you accept this rose," she said, giving her flower to the bleached-hair contestant.

    She then dismissed the group and went on a one-on-one dance date with Martin.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Peter and Will got into a huge fight on tonight's episode over their feelings for Michelle.

    The drama took a wild turn when Peter took Will's jacket he was given from the group date and threw it in the swimming pool.

    "It needed a little wash," Peter said, attempting to defend his behavior to the other men.

    However, Will was upset and broke down in tears, walking away from the situation.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Michelle gushed that the men are "doing the work" to win back her trust after their Top Gun-themed group date.

    The schoolteacher kissed several men afterwards, including early frontrunners Nayte and Joe.

    "I feel so lucky to have such a great group of grownup men," she said in a confessional with a huge smile.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    The fellas were asked to go on a military-grade flight simulator which required them to toss and turn upside down and all around.

    In a classic Bachelorette twist, the men had to be twisted in the simulator while professing their feelings for Michelle.

    Willie was the most nauseous-appearing contestant to take part in the activity but recovered by gushing about his lady in Spanish.

    "Do you think a vomit bucket?" Michelle asked while he responded swiftly: "I need you."

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Fans are both 'confused' and 'disappointed' in ABC choosing Clayton Echard to become the next Bachelor.

    The Missouri hunk has barely gotten screen time this season and when he has appeared on viewers' TV sets, many have been left unimpressed.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    The men appeared thrilled as actors Glen Powell and Jay Ellis walked out of the airport wing.

    The handsome pair will star in the upcoming & highly-anticipated Tom Cruise flick, Top Gun 2.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Tonight's episode kicked off with the first group date of the week – with another group date occurring later along with a one-on-one.

    Michelle looked "sexy and cool," according to the men as she came out of a small airplane.

    The date took place in the Indio desert at the hangar of an airport.

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    The show airs live Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

    Michelle's season of The Bachelorette premiered on October 19, 2021.

    A new episode is on TONIGHT. Who will Michelle send home this week?

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    Peter was given the last rose before Michelle told the remaining men: "I appreciate all of you and I'm hoping that this process is going to allow me to find my person."

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