Batwoman Review: Ruby Rose's Openly Gay Superhero Is a Welcome Addition to the DC Universe

If you happened to be a member of the Gotham City Chamber of Commerce, you’d throw your arms open wide to welcome Batwoman (Ruby Rose).

One of the comic-book world’s few gay superheroes, she’s a feather in the bat-eared helmet of any community that celebrates diversity. What can be as satisfying as a superhero in step with the times? And unlike Batgirl (remember her?), Batwoman is as stoic and humorless as Batman himself.

But where is the Caped Crusader? At the start of what’s likely to be the latest hit in the DC universe, he’s been AWOL for three years, even though his signal still gleams against the night clouds like a milk stain on black velvet. Crime is through the roof, and a new supervillain has shown up. She’s named Alice (Rachel Skarsten) — just Alice, like “Cooper” — and it’s too soon to understand her motives (she may remind you of Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin, all blonde and kinky).

Meanwhile, Batwoman is really Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane. The premiere has to go through a lot of plot before Kate finds herself in the Bat Cave with one of Bruce’s employees, gazing on Batman’s empty uniform.

“I need you to fix this suit,” she tells him.

“This suit is literal perfection,” he answers.

“It will be,” she says, “when it fits a woman.”

Batwoman premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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