BBC Breakfast star Sally Nugent puts Jon Kay on speaking ban during tense chat

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    BBC Breakfast presenter Jon Kay was put on a speaking ban by Sally Nugent to prevent him from sharing spoilers about BBC drama Happy Valley.

    The highly-anticipated series finale of the award-winning drama aired on Sunday evening and the presenter's made sure to avoid spoiling anything for those who hadn't managed to catch the final ever episode.

    After Carol Kirkwood finished sharing the latest weather updates, she told the duo she would be abruptly leaving as they planned to discuss the show and she hadn't seen it yet.

    Sally, 51, assured nothing would be spoiled as she insisted: "Carol neither have I! I haven't seen the ending. So do not worry, we are safe! I give you my word."

    Jon echoed this, telling both Carol and viewers that the episode in question will not be discussed in any detail to ensure nothing gets ruined.

    "Especially me! What am I going to do?" asked Sally as Jon exclaimed: "I've watched it and I can't speak to anybody about it!"

    "Yeah we can't have a conversation this morning," joked Sally.

    Jon revealed: "I'm banned!," before confirming the final episode of Happy Valley has aired – and that's as far as he went.

    This comes after Sally was forced to stage an "intervention" following Jon's shocking confession about the amount of coffee he drinks.

    After comparing several different caffeinated drinks from chains including Starbucks and Costa last week, the pair spoke to specialist dietitian Nicola Ludlam-Raine who gave a deeper insight into the caffeine levels in drinks.

    "Jon, I've got to intervene here," Sally said before Jon agreed: "I need an intervention!"

    The 53-year-old then made the jaw-dropping admission that he was currently on his fifth mug off coffee before the time hit 07:30am.

    Jon joked: "I can handle it, Sal. I can handle it!" before querying the strength of the coffee he was drinking.

    Sally then noted that her co-host actually feels worse if he drinks less coffee as Jon agreed: "I think I've gone so far with coffee that I would probably sleep less and feel worse if I didn't have it."

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