Behind the Scenes of Amber Ruffin's First Taping With a Live Studio Audience

After launching a late-night show during the Covid-19 pandemic and shooting 30 episodes in a room of empty seats, comedian Amber Ruffin welcomed the first live audience to her weekly sketch and variety show, Peacock’s The Amber Ruffin Show, on Friday, August 13th.


“It was very exciting,” she says. “Doing this show without an audience meant that we never knew if anyone was ever watching. And then to get out there and see, well shit, it’s at least a hundred and fifty people. It’s nice. And strange, very strange.”


Now that she has fans — vaxxed and masked — in the studio, nothing feels impossible. “Whatever I say we’re not going to do, we end up doing,” she says. “I would have said we’re not going to be doing songs all the time, we’re never going to have a single puppet, we’re never going to have an audience, so now I just have no idea. I know for a fact that I do not know what’s going to happen, but I certainly like where we are.”


Here’s how you can stream the entire program on NBC’s Peacock.

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