Big Brother fans left open-mouthed as Farida reveals her real age

Fans of Big Brother were left gobsmacked when it was revealed on the show that Farida is 50 years old.

Many of those tuning in couldn't believe the surprising news with some saying the star looks over a decade younger.

Viewers rushed to social media to share their astonishment, with one person writing on X, formerly Twitter, "50?!???????!?!?! Chile I thought she was 35."

Another added, "50?? Thought she was 38,” while a third wrote: "Hold up – she's 50?? She looks in her 30's. Mind blown."

A fourth thought the star, from Wolverhampton, was more than 20 years younger than her actual age, writing: "No way did they just say she’s 50?! I thought she was in her 20s."

Farida was welcomed onto the reality show by new hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best on Sunday 8 October, and she's been at the centre of the drama ever since.

"Salmongate" saw fellow housemate Olivia complain to the others after Farida helped herself to some food from her plate.

Olivia explained: “I was eating my salmon and my corn and Farida was like, ‘Can I have some of your corn? And I was like, ‘ Yeah, go for it.’ Then she started eating my salmon, my actual lunch. She had a spoon and was eating off my plate.”

Meanwhile, Tuesday 10 October's episode saw Farida asking if men who dated trans housemate Hallie would be considered gay, to which Hallie explained that they would not be.

Hallie appeared to take the conversation in her stride, but it caused a stir on social media, with one viewer writing: "Does Farida not understand Hallie is a woman, I dunno I feel this questions are a bit wild tbh."

However, others quick to argue that Farida's question was "well-intentioned", with one posting: "Hallie handled those questions so well and Farida seemed to have her heart in the right place and wanted to be educated."

Following the episode, Hallie's mum Samantha appeared on Big Brother Late And Live, where she discussed her daughter and the questions Farida had asked.

Another surprise involving Farida came when it was pointed out that Big Brother isn't the only show that the make-up artist has tried her luck on. Viewers recently learned she has also appeared on Come Dine With Me and Blankety Blank.

"Farida was on Blankety Blank last week #BBUK," one viewer pointed out on X, while another added: "Is that Farida the same make-up artist who was on Blankety Blank the other week?#BBUK."

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