'Candy' Episode 4 Recap, 'Cover Girl' —Surprise Guest Star [Spoiler]

Hulu’s Candy Episode 4 recap revolves around Candy’s (Jessica Biel) husband, Pat Montgomery (Timothy Simons), but the entrance of Justin Timberlake overshadows his performance. Luckily, Simons loved working with the singer-songwriter. Find out what role Timberlake played in the latest true crime episode alongside his wife, Jessica Biel. 

‘Candy’ Episode 4 recap: Pat Montgomery fully supports his wife, Candy Montgomery

Episode 4 of Candy on Hulu opens with Pat finding out about Candy’s affair with Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber). He blames himself and gives her a card and flowers. Then viewers watch as he testifies in her trial that “she’s a nonviolent person.”  

Timberlake’s character, Deputy Steve, asks Candy if she killed Betty Gore and if she would take a polygraph test. Then, Pat celebrates Father’s day with his kids and Candy. Meanwhile, Allan used too much detergent and had bubbles coming out of his dishwasher. The local news station broadcast reported that a friend was a suspect, so Candy cut up her flip-flops and tossed them in the trash.

On Monday, Candy goes to her lawyer friend from church, Don Crowder (Raúl Esparza). He insists that she not take the polygraph because her nerves are already shot. On Tuesday, Candy helps out at Allan’s house for the funeral. The baby starts crying, and she has several flashbacks. Allan notices that Candy’s shoes are the same size as the hole in the linoleum floor. 

Pat Montgomery tries to swing an ask 41 times

By Wednesday, the police had found a fingerprint in Candy Episode 4, which makes Pat believe they can put the entire ordeal behind them. Meanwhile, Candy confesses to Don Crowder that she did it. He’s excited about the fantastic self-defense case he’s about to build. 

Although Pat stuck by Candy’s side, he wonders if she could have killed Betty when he notices her cut-up flip-flops in the trash. So, he goes out to the garage and grabs an ax. Pat feels its weight and tries swinging the ax at a tree stump. After 10 times whacking the stump, he looks exhausted. At 32, he doesn’t look like he can go on anymore. He’s physically exhausted and out of breath, although viewers often see him jogging throughout the series.

Justin Timberlake appears again in the final episode of Candy on Hulu Episode 5, which airs at 9 p.m. PT on May 13, 2022, on Hulu.

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