'Counting On': Abbie Burnett is Giving Jinger Duggar Competition for 'Most Rebellious Duggar'

The Duggar family is unlike most families in the United States. They follow very strict rules, since they were raised very religiously. But now that some of the Duggar children have grown up and married, they have started to establish their own rules. Jinger Duggar, who is married to Jeremy Vuolo, has earned the reputation of Duggar rebel. But Abbie Burnett, who is married to John Duggar, might be giving her some competition.

Jinger Duggar changed up her style as soon as she moved out

Jinger Duggar always gave off vibes of being a bit of a Duggar rebel. She met her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, through Jessa Duggar, though both of her older sisters had met their husbands through their father, Jim Bob Duggar. And once she and Vuolo wed, they moved far away from her small Arkansas town to start a new life in Laredo, Texas. Duggar started changing up her style, too. She began wearing pants and tank tops, both of which had not been allowed by her parents. She and Vuolo also just moved to Los Angeles, which is even further away from home and a much different lifestyle than what they were used to. Duggar even dyed her hair blonde for the occasion, and fans loved it.

Abbie Duggar was one of the only Duggar women to ever hold a real job

For the most part, with the exception of Jinger Duggar, all of the Duggar women, including those who married into the family, follow very strict rules. Both Kendra Caldwell and Lauren Swanson, who married Joseph and Josiah Duggar respectively, were only teenagers when they wed. But Abbie Burnett, who married John David Duggar last November, was 26 when she got married. Plus, she had a job, which is something no other Duggar woman can say. Burnett was a nurse before meeting Duggar. When she married him, fans thought she had left her job, though that was never confirmed.

Abbie Duggar was recently photographed wearing a tank top and pants

Reddit users have always been quick to keep up with anything they hear about the Duggar family. And when one Reddit user found a photo posted to social media of Burnett, it ended up turning into a Reddit thread. It appeared that one of Burnett’s friends had snapped a photo of her around the same time she and Duggar announced their pregnancy, and she was wearing a tight tank top and tight pants. Fans were quick to notice her outfit and were excited to see that she and John Duggar were once again straying from Duggar norms. The couple also waited a little while to have children; they wed in November 2018 but didn’t announce a pregnancy until early August 2019.

The Duggars appear to be straying from their parents’ rules

Overall, some of the Duggars look to be straying from thestrict rules put in place when they were young. Jinger Duggar made a commentabout her daughter becoming a soccer player, though the Duggar women neverparticipated in sports. And Jana Duggar, the oldest Duggar daughter, has takenon hobbies of her own and hasn’t been pressured into marrying young. Meanwhile,John and Abbie Duggar seem to be relaxing with the rules as well and doing thingstheir own way.

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