Danielle Lloyd reveals she's still going ahead with gender selection to have a baby girl just weeks after miscarriage

DANIELLE Lloyd has revealed she's still going ahead with gender selection to have a baby girl just weeks after a heartbreaking miscarriage.

The 35-year-old has four sons and shared the sad news in July that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Danielle believed she was pregnant with a baby girl, but appearing on today's Good Morning Britain, she revealed she is still hopeful she will have her longed for little girl with the help of gender selection.

The star plans to head to Dubai for the controversial procedure, which is prohibited in the UK.

She told host Ranvir Singh: "I've got four boys at the moment but not even just me myself but my partner and my boys would love a girl.

"They keep asking me all the time for a sister and obviously it's quite difficult to explain to them so I say 'You'll just have to wait for the stork to bring the baby and see if it brings a girl.'

"For me, I've got such a close bond with my mum, I want that bond as well with a daughter.

"I'm not ungrateful that I've got four boys, I love them and they're amazing and I'm so glad I was able to have four boys but there's just something inside me that makes me want to have a daughter."

Asked how she would feel if her daughter wasn't a girly girl, Danielle replied: "I don't mind if she's a tomboy it's just that thing about having a girl. I think girls are so much closer to their mums."

As she debated the issue alongside former Apprentice star and fellow mum-of-four Jessica Cunningham, Danielle added: "It's not harming anyone, it's my decision, it's my life, why does anyone care what I'm doing?"

Speaking to Closer magazine about her miscarriage earlier this month, she said: "I really believe it was a girl. This pregnancy felt different to my others.

"It was devastating when the miscarriage happened, and I was completely heartbroken.

"I was only eight weeks along, but whatever stage you're at, it's still a pregnancy and still a baby, so it's really hard."

Danielle has sons Archie, nine, Harry, eight and George, five with ex-husband Jamie O'Hara as well as youngest son Ronnie, 23 months, with husband Michael O'Neill.

Danielle revealed the news last month and shared her heartbreak with her Instagram followers, she posted: "I may have held you in my womb for a moment, but I will hold you in my heart forever."

She captioned it with a broken heart emoji and turned off the comments.

The star went on to say that messages of support from fans meant a lot to both her and husband Michael.

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