Dec Donnelly reveals Cat Deeley got SM:TV gig when he drunkenly fell off his chair and crashed her date in fluke meeting

DEC Donnelly has revealed Cat Deeley got her job on SM:TV after she told a humiliating story about him at the audition.

The presenter told how he drunkenly fell on her and then was rude to her date while at a Chinese restaurant.

They had never met before – but the fluke meeting ended up being Cat's perfect chance to poke fun at the Geordie duo.

"We always want it to be a three-hander so we knew we wanted it to be a girl," said Ant.

"We were doing auditions and when we met Cat she immediately launched into.. 'I've met you before'.

"We had been into a restaurant after watching the football and we got a bit tipsy.

"Dec got particularly tipsy and fell off his chair."

Dec added: "Worse than that I fell off my chair and there was a man and woman clearly on a date on the table behind me.

"They looked at me and did a lot of tutting and I tutted back.

"I basically ruined someone's date."

Retelling how she told the story to wind-up Dec at the audition, Cat said: "I told him 'I was in a Chinese restaurant with you and you were really quite rude to my boyfriend.

"You kind of ruined our dinner – you fell off your chair'."

Dec remembered: "I could feel myself redder and redder and redder and I started getting really sweaty."

Laughing Ant said: "If you've got the brass neck to turn round and catch us out within the first 30 seconds of meeting us then you've got the job really. We literally loved it."

Dec added: "We cancelled all our other meetings and knew she was the girl for us and it became the three of us from that day."

The Story of SM:TV Live celebrated 30 years od Ant and Dec on TV tonight.

They reunited with Cat to reminisce about the hit Saturday morning show, which catapulted their careers.

The trio made an emotional return to the TV studio where it was filled to tell funny stories about their time on the show.

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