Eamonn Holmes jokes This Morning’s A-Level phone-in is ‘patronising’

Eamonn Holmes was left raising his eyebrows over a big change to This Morning's phone-in today.

Over the country, thousands of students are discovering their A-Level results.

So for today's phone-in, the ITV daytime show lowered the age limit so that students would be able to speak on air about their results and fears regarding results.

Announcing that they would be talking to teens who were hoping to get into a place at university, Eamonn exclaimed: "But they're not off to the big wide world, they're going off for three years of dossing around!"

As Ruth Langford told viewers to call in, she said: "Normally we would say if you're 18, but if you're 16 you can get in touch.

"We've lowered the limit just for today."

Eamonn turned to his wife and joked: "How patronising! Just lowering the limit just for today."

"Just for today," Ruth confirmed.

"Yeah, we'll take your views for today if you're 16 or 17," Eamonn said. "Normally you don't have a view."

Ruth quipped: "Well, normally there might not be things that are appropriate that we talk about for 16-year-olds. Today it's very appropriate."

"They could teach us a thing or two," Eamonn added.

*This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV

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