EastEnders fans horror as drunk Linda Carter wets herself on stage – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans have reacted with horror after Linda Carter wet herself on stage in tonight’s episode.

The alcoholic landlady – who is played by actress Kellie Bright in the BBC soap – hit the bottle again after discovering social services had opened an investigation into her son Ollie.

He had told teachers he was scared of his mum in a heartbreaking development.

But after Mick hit rock bottom and locked Linda in their bedroom overnight in an effort to sober her up, he was shocked to find her injured and bleeding the morning after.

After patching her self-inflicted wounds up Mick left her to clean herself up in the shower but she disappeared.

And it didn’t take her long to find more booze to drink.

By the end of the episode she found herself at Ian Beale’s victory party after he won the local councillor election.

Linda took full advantage of the free bar but her drinking spiralled out of control and she stumbled up onto the stage insulting her friends and neighbours around her.

A worried Ruby cut her off from the alcohol and called Mick and told him Linda was in need of being taken home.

But when he arrived she was on the stage stupefied with drink and she wet herself in front of the entire bar forcing Mick to cover her up with his coat and take her home.

Fans were horrified by the scenes but praised the soap for showing the harrowing reality of alcoholism.

One wrote: “Linda has definitely hit rock bottom :(".

A second said: “Linda is a fu**ing mess."

Another added: “Dear god Linda wet herself."

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