EastEnders' Peter Beale reveals himself as Kheerat Panesar's partner for Ian revenge

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Peter Beale was revealed to be in league with Kheerat Panesar in the attack on dad Ian.

The market trader – who is played by actor Dayle Hudson in the BBC soap – had tried to manipulate his killer brother Bobby into killing their dad after discovering he had been cut out of the will.

However tonight, Peter was told he was only cut from Ian’s will – because he was in Kathy’s instead.

And his shifty behaviour continued and it was soon revealed how he had been involved with the Panesar’s revenge against Ian.

Jack Branning visiting Kheerat to warn him they had found blood in his van.

And the revelation sent Kheerat scrambling and demanding to meet with his alibi.

Walking into the call centre, he found Peter sat at a desk.

“The police were at the Minute Mart – they've started to ask questions,” he said. 

“If they haven't come to you yet they're going to. We need to be straight Peter, me and you are each other's alibis. 

“So that night we went for a drink and then we went straight home. Right?” 

A shifty looking Peter simply replied: "Right."

But fans were in shock as one Beale son was cleared and the other revealed himself to be deadly.

One wrote:  "Woah stop the bus…Peter & Kheerat? What's been going on here then.."

A second said: "Peter and Kheerat?? Now I’m even more confused"

Another added: "Oh it looks like Kheerat and Peter have teamed up. This is getting interesting now. The question of who attacked Ian is far from being answered."

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