EastEnders’ Shona McGarty teases exit twist for Whitney as she gets ‘happily ever after’ with Kush

EASTENDERS’ Shona McGarty has teased an exit twist for Whitney Dean as she gets her ‘happily ever after away from Walford’ with Kush.

Kush – who is played by actor Davood Ghadami in the BBC soap – is set to leave Walford after appearing in court to confess to the Mitchells’ crimes this week.

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Viewers know that Kush agreed to take the fall for the Mitchell family’s car heist to secure a massive payday for his ex Kat Slater, but has since had doubts after moving on with Whitney.

The outcome of the court case and the details surrounding Kush’s exit storyline are being kept under wraps. 

But now actress Shona has suggested that Kush might have a sudden change of heart – and that there could be a happy ending for Whitney and Kush after all. 

Speaking to The Sun and other media, she teased: “Who’s to say Whitney and Kush aren’t going to live happily ever after together away from Walford? This could very well be her fairytale ending.”

Speaking about how Whitney would cope if she and Kush were separated, the star added: “I think it would destroy Whitney, I think it would really really hurt, like it would. 

“Whitney would take it really hard because like I said before she really believes Kush is the one and no one has made her feel the way that he does. He was there throughout the Leo stuff and he’s been there right by her side the whole time, it would completely destroy her."

Could an exit twist be in store for Whitney?

This week, Kush disappears before he is due in court, leaving Whitney worried he’s fled.

But viewers will see him arrive at court just in time and, as the court clerk reads the indictment, Kush makes his plea.

The soap has teased that Kush and Whitney will then make a shock decision.

Will the lovebirds decide to flee Walford?

Speaking about filming Kush’s final scenes with Davood, Shona added: "It was a strange day.

"We are very close and he's been on the Square for a long time so we're all really good friends. It was a sad day but very exciting to film, I know that he was very excited.

"It's big stuff, it's such big stuff that we felt like we were doing a film. It was a really exciting day."

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