Emmerdale: Belle Dingle's stabbing horror explained

BELLE Dingle has a mental health crisis next week when she takes the cake knife from Nate and Tracy’s gender reveal party and disappears into the woods. 

The ‘voice’ of Lisa will then tell Belle to use the knife to protect her family. But might someone end up getting hurt? Here’s everything you need to know…

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What do we know about Belle Dingle’s knife scenes in Emmerdale?

Spoilers have revealed that Belle will grow increasingly unsettled next week as she's haunted by the 'voice' of Lisa in her head. 

Meanwhile, Nate and Tracy's gender reveal party kicks off but Lydia is confused when she realises that Belle has disappeared along with the cafe knife. 

Viewers will then see Belle wandering through the village with the knife in her hand, terrified that someone is after her. 

Back at the Woolpack, Cain realises that Belle hasn’t been taking her medication, and Nate and Tracy admit they recently found her digging in a grave. 

Cain is furious but he’s interrupted when they realise Belle has taken the knife. 

Sam frantically calls the police as everyone heads out to search for Belle. 

Meanwhile, convinced Jamie is chasing her, Belle runs through the woods.

Emmerdale has revealed that the voice of ‘Lisa’ will then tell Belle to use the knife to protect herself.

Might someone end up getting hurt?

If so, who will it be?

What has Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper said about the knife scenes?

Eden Taylor-Draper has hinted that someone unexpected could get caught up in Belle’s mental health crisis. 

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Eden revealed to Digital Spy: "Belle is preparing the table and decorations for the party at The Woolpack, but Lisa is telling her that she has to protect her family.

"Lisa says that Nate is going to prison and it's all Belle's fault that Tracy's baby is not going to have a dad. There's a cake knife at the pub, so Lisa pushes Belle to protect her family. To her, that means take the knife and run.

"I don't think Belle knows what she's going to do next. She's in a whirlwind and she just starts to hallucinate seeing Jamie everywhere. The image of him is in her mind and she thinks getting rid of Jamie would protect her family."

Revealing that Belle breaks into Jamie’s house next week, Eden continued: "Belle is seeing Jamie, then she's not, and then he'll turn into someone else. She runs through the woods and sees him everywhere, but then he's not really there. So it's a case of her trying to find the real Jamie."

What’s wrong with Belle?

Belle suffers from schizophrenia, meaning she can hear voices in her head. 

Belle’s troubles started back in 2014 when she accidentally killed her friend Gemma Andrews and was charged with manslaughter. 

Belle was later sectioned after taking an overdose and was diagnosed with schizophrenia after it became clear she’d been hearing voices. 

Belle has been heading on a downward spiral in the soap ever since her plan to report Jamie to the police earlier this year for the hit and run backfired terribly.

Jamie got a fake witness to testify against Belle and frame her for the crime he committed. 

Following a night of questioning at the police station, it became clear Belle was hearing the 'voice' of her late mum Lisa.

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