Emmerdale set for child cruelty plot as fans work out Beths sinister motive

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Emmerdale fans are predicting a dramatic child cruelty plot is set to hit the dales after Dawn discovered Beth’s secret daughter is living in squalor.

Viewers saw Dawn attend Beth’s funeral and reconnect with Jade, who was clearly under the influence of drugs and begged Dawn to visit her at home after the funeral.

Dawn reluctantly agreed but went along, before discovering a young girl sleeping in a dog bed.

Shocked by what she saw, she went to confront Jade before finding her high on sofa under the influence of drugs and surrounded by garbage a food wrappers.

After learning that the girl was Beth’s and she had nowhere else to go, Jade claimed she was doing her best and that she was fine without her help.

But Dawn was disgusted by what she saw, and swore to call social services on Jade if she didn’t let her take the child out of her care.

“Will Dawn rescue her friend’s child from poverty? Call social services immediately!!,” blasted one viewer.

“Dawn…. you should have run out of the back door… now you have seen that child… you know you can't just leave…,” said another.

A third echoed: “Omg that is child cruelty get her out of there Dawn!! #Emmerdale.”

Dawn then attempted to call social services before her male friend grabbed her phone and threw it out of her hand.

Determined not leave the little girl, Clemmie, in her care, Dawn offered up £40 and was forced to give over her shoes before she was allowed to take her home.

She was greeted at home by boyfriend Billy who was stunned to hear her story.

Frustrated he reminded her she could be accused of kidnapping and needed to call social services immediately.

Dawn began reflecting about her own experiences with social services and told Billy she wanted to wait another night before she called them, recalling a promise Jade made to Beth that she wouldn’t put her in care.

After agreeing to keep her for one night, fans began further theorizing that Dawn could be in trouble for taking Clemmie home without legal permission.

“#Emmerdale Dawn's an idiot. She should've left immediately and called social services without telling them. They'll keep coming back for more money. Does she ever learn,” said one viewer.

A second added: “And this is where dawn cones through takes the child home… And later gets arrested for kidnapping..,” added another.

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