Emmerdale star reveals huge danger for Harriet in storm stunt

Harriet Finch is central to the drama of Emmerdale’s special 50th anniversary episodes, and Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays her, couldn’t have been happier – especially because she got to do some exciting stunts.

‘I’ve never been involved in the super stunt weeks before so this is my first time. It’s exciting and I loved doing the stunts,’ she says. ‘It’s exciting to be involved in stunts and big stories and to be fully immersed into something so dramatic is brilliant.’

In some of the scenes Harriet hurtles off into the woods during an epic storm that’s raging through the village – on a quad bike.

She’s searching for Amelia (Daisy Campbell) who may have gone into labour and is lost in a remote location as the storm gets worse. It’s an incredibly dangerous situation for Harriet as the storm brings trees and branches crashing down around her.

Katherine had never been on a quad bike before, and had to have some training. ‘I had a great guy who gave me full lessons on how to ride a quad bike,’ she says. ‘I absolutely loved it.’

While Katherine tried to do as much of the stunt work as possible there were scenes that were so dangerous that she had to have a stunt double stepping in.

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‘I had the wonderful Belinda who was my body double. She was amazing and made me feel very safe and well looked after. I did as much as I was comfortable with but obviously nowhere near her talent, skill and bravery.

‘I was quite happy to watch. It’s spectacular to see the work that goes into something like that.’

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