Emmerdales Sarah Sugden devastated as Noah Tates secret crush exposed?

Emmerdale: Sarah Sugden meets her heart donor's sister

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Emmerdale’s Sarah (played by Katie Hill) has been spending a lot of time getting to know Chloe (Jessie Elland) who is the sister of her heart donor. However, their new friendship will begin to drive a wedge between Sarah and Noah (Jack Downham) when he admits to having a crush on the village newcomer. Will Sarah see Noah’s admission as an act of betrayal? 

In scenes to air this week on the ITV soap, fans will learn more about Chloe’s background when she opens up to Noah and Sarah about her family life. 

When she crumbles into tears speaking about her past, Sarah and Noah struggle to know how to comfort her.

However, a caring Noah eventually manages to find the right words to reassure Chloe. 

Does Chloe’s candid conversation about her family and life draw her and Noah closer together?

After connecting, it’s clear Noah’s feelings have started to grow for Chloe and Sarah becomes horrified to learn he secretly fancies Chloe. 

In a bid to spend more time with Chloe, Noah makes a promise to keep her identity a secret as long as Sarah continues to let him come along to her and Chloe’s meet-ups. 

But the plan won’t play out as Noah hopes as he is left red-faced when Chloe hears he has been calling her his girlfriend. 

As a result, Sarah and Noah are forced to say their goodbyes to Chloe. 

Before she leaves Emmerdale, Chloe presents Sarah with a diamond necklace that belonged to her late sister. 

Will this be the last the pair will see of Chloe? 

And will their relationship be in tatters now Noah’s secret crush has been exposed?

Sarah had been trying to track down the family of the person who donated their heart to her three years ago. 

Her investigation work took her to a meeting with Chloe, who is the sister of her apparent donor Gemma, who was keen to speak with Sarah. 

However, the meeting soon turned uncomfortable as Chloe asked to feel the beat of Sarah’s heart – referring to it as Gemma’s heart. 

Chloe eventually apologised for alarming Sarah, and they have been building up a friendship ever since. 

Katie, who plays Sarah, recently told Inside Soap magazine: “I’m so pleased that Emmerdale is revisiting Sarah’s dramatic past.

“Sarah has a very problematic medical history, and doctors have told her that she might have a shortened life.”

She added: “Sarah is determined to learn about (her donor family), and I can tell you that she’s really determined.”

Emmerdale airs on ITV weekdays at 7pm. 

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