Exes Nick Viall and Kristina Schulman Are in a Messy Feud Because She Slid into His Brother's DMs

Please buckle up, because we’re about to go on a roller coaster ride full of bumpy Bachelor emotions. Basically, exes Nick Viall and Kristina Schulman are currently in a highly messy public feud. These two briefly “dated” when Kristina was a contestant on Nick’s season of The Bachelor, and she threw a little shade his way on Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise, saying Nick lookalike Luke Stone is “nicer, cuter, and easier to talk to.”

Nick did NOT appreciate this, and completely blasted Kristina during his extremely well-named podcast Viall Files. “I’m not surprised Kristina had that to say,” he said. “In fairness to Kristina, I probably wasn’t easy to talk to on my season with Kristina since she decided to tell me that she slid into my brother Sam’s DM before our season of The Bachelor. I don’t know what her intentions were, but she was just like, ‘Yeah, I slid into your brother’s DM and I was talking to him a little bit.’ And I was like, ‘That’s super weird.’”

Meanwhile, Kristina wasn’t thrilled about Nick’s comments, and hit Instagram Stories to accuse Nick of being the absolute worst.

“One, Nick Viall, you don’t know me, the person being portrayed on TV, you can’t say with certainty that’s who I am because you don’t know me,” she said. “Second, I was the one to tell you that your brother messaged me, not the other way around. And third, you were the asshole when I was talking to ‘your guy, your wingman’ and you sent him a message saying, ‘Dude, f*ck her,’ in reference to me. Like so disrespectful.”

Yikes @ all this, honestly!

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