Family Fortunes contestant shamelessly flirts with Gino D'Acampo and tells him 'I want a bit of Italian in me'

A FLIRTY Family Fortunes contestant told host Gino D'Acampo 'I want a bit of Italian in me' – leaving fans shocked.

The cheeky chef-turned-telly star is no stranger to a naughty innuendo, but he got more than he bargained for on the latest episode of the family game show.

Mel Lewis, 44, from Merthyr Tydfil, wasted no time in flirting with the hunky host

After learning Mel had Italian heritage, Gino asked: "You've got a bit of Italian in you?"

It prompted her to flash Gino a playful look as she saucily replied: "Yes – and I'm hoping to have a bit more by the end of the night."

Viewers were unsure if they'd heard correctly.

One stunned viewer wrote on Twitter: "Family Fortunes has been on 3 minutes and there’s people in hot tubs and wanting ‘a little Italian in me’ by the end of the night. Smut before the watershed. Who do I write a letter to?"

A second asked: "What did she say about having an Italian in her?"

While another loved the ep, posting: "Enjoying the new family fortunes with Gino – so funny last night !"

A bit of flirty banter is nothing new for Gino.

He recently told The Sun he's used to his fans bombarding him with X-rated requests.

The Italian hunk revealed: “We do get a lot of things through the post off people, all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

“I don’t know about wonderful. The weirdest? I get asked a lot to sign personal things, like knickers, bras.

“I get dirty ones as well. But I get asked really weird things, which I don’t understand why you would ask me. I got asked once — not once, a few times — to be present as the ­couple were making love.”

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