Fans Think Connor Brennan and Victoria Paul Might Be Dating Post-Paradise

Have Connor B and Victoria P found love post-Bachelor in Paradise? If this question keeps you up at night, which I very much doubt it does, the answer seems to be…maybe? And potentially with each other!

A TikTok user spotted the pair out in Nashville together about a week after Connor ditched Paradise, writing “Not me seeing Connor B and Victoria P in the club 👀. And yes I got a random man to film me dancing in front of them.”

Watch the clip here, but basically Connor and Victoria P are chatting, whispering, and kinda dancing? It’s hard to determine the vibe, but, uh, Connor did comment on the post “they’re married now” so read into that however you’d like.

While Victoria P went home super early in Paradise, Connor managed to stay a few weeks, and get into some random beef with Lance Bass in the process. Though to be fair, Lance is the one who started it by questioning whether Connor was on the show for the right reasons or simply wanted to launch his music career.

Connor shut this narrative down on Twitter, writing “‘he’s there for his music’ ‘enough with the uke’ ‘ugh he’s cringey and annoying’ – fuck OFF and let me play my dumb little songs for people; it’s my way to try and bring a little joy. kindness is free #BachelorInParadise”

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