'Good Girls' Season 4 Is Setting Up a 'Nice, Juicy Love Triangle'

Season 4 of the NBC comedy-drama, Good Girls, brought back the ever-changing power dynamic between Beth and Rio. But things will get even more intense as the season continues. According to showrunners, Beth and Rio are headed for a juicy love triangle, and it won’t be pretty. 

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Good Girls season 4 premiere episode.]

What happens between Rio and Beth in the ‘Good Girls’ season 4 premiere?

Season 3 of Good Girls ended with Rio (Manny Montana) tricking Beth (Christina Hendricks) into putting her fingerprints on the gun that killed Lucy. He pressures her to get the new hot tub store up and running. And he threatens to turn Beth in for Lucy’s murder if she doesn’t start laundering his money soon.

In the season 4 premiere, Rio visits Beth at the card shop and continues to intimidate her. He touches one of the wet counterfeit bill pages, and leaves his fingerprint on it. 

When Beth gets the shop up and running, she meets with Rio to tell him the good news. But he reveals that the investigation into Lucy’s murder (her body was found) has led the cops to him. He has been asked to meet with authorities, and he hints he might just turn Beth in. 

Beth is worried at first. But then she remembers the fingerprint he left on the counterfeit bill. She makes a copy of the print and hands it to Rio, letting him know she can ruin him just as easily. 

Beth and Rio have a complicated romantic history

Beth and Rio’s relationship may have been transactional at first, but it grew into something more. In season 2, after months of pent-up sexual tension, the two end up having sex in a bathroom bar. 

But since then, they’ve continued to betray and threaten each other. And at the end of season 2, Beth shoots Rio, intending to kill him. In a recent interview with EW, Good Girls bosses Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs reveal that Beth and Rio will realize that they can’t ever escape each other. 

“They’ve really been through a roller coaster of a relationship, those two,” Bans said. “What’s fun about this season in terms of Beth and Rio is that Beth, I think has sort of realized that there’s no running from him. As long as they’re in the same city and he wants her to help him with his criminal enterprise, she’s in.”

‘Good Girls’ showrunners tease a love triangle 

When talking to EW, the Good Girls showrunners also teased a developing love triangle for Beth and Rio. “We’re also going to learn where the mystery of Rio originates,” Krebs revealed. “He’s the bad-boy criminal who never gets caught, he always has the answer, he lives in this frictionless world, and now Beth starts to see behind the curtain a little bit and learn that he might not be alone in what guides his decisions. That sets up a nice, juicy love triangle.”

“Which I think fans are really really going to love,” Bans added. “We love it. When you land on something that’s fun and feels fresh to write and feels like it elevates their relationship and kind of changes their dynamic, it’s really fun to write.”

New episodes of Good Girls air Sunday evenings on NBC.

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