Good Morning Britain's Dr Hilary Jones, 67, RAPS on the show but admits it could be seen as 'cultural misappropriation'

GOOD Morning Britain's Dr Hilary Jones performed a self-penned rap on the show today – but admitted it could be viewed as "cultural misappropriation".

The 67-year-old revealed his secret music career as Kate encouraged him to tell viewers about his one-time hit.

She said: "You and I have known each other a long time.

"I remember Hilary indulging in the world of rap. Do you remember that years ago?"

Hilary said: "I do. I wrote a rap song about the dangers and misuse of anabolic steroids.

"This would be cultural misappropriation these days.

"The first word went something like this…

"I'm a body builder, I've got legs of iron.

"I've got the broadest shoulders that the broads just love to cry on. Antibolics, antibolics…"

Kat laughed: "It didn't make it to the top of the charts, but it sent an important message which is why I love you, Hilary."

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