HBO Max Release Date Revealed

Today, at an event on the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank, California, WarnerMedia revealed some new details about its upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. Read on to learn when exactly the streaming service will be available.

HBO Max Release Date

The service hits domestically in May 2020, with the entire HBO service bundle and a “large new offering of original content appealing to all the younger demos, plus a choice slate of acquired programming and titles from the extensive WB libraries.”

The plan is for the 10 million current HBO subscribers to have a “frictionless opportunity” to sign up and get HBO Max immediately on day one. Ultimately, they’re projecting they’ll hit 50 million domestic subscribers and 75-90 million worldwide by 2025.

And they’re going to be doing some interesting thing with recommendations, as well. According to WarnerMedia’s Robert Greenblatt, “As we perfect our product over time, the long term goal is to set the new standard for speaking personally to our subscribers. For example, we’re going to get much more creative with recommendations. HBO recently introduced the concept of recommended by humans, and we’re going to adapt that idea for HBO Max, so we never have to rely solely on an algorithm to serve our customers the best content.”

When it enters the marketplace, HBO Max will be competing with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, AppleTV+, Disney+ and maybe even Peacock, NBCUniversal’s own streaming service that’s supposed to be debuting in April 2020. And those are just the majors: we’re not even counting platforms like Vudu, Facebook Watch, CBS All Access, Shudder, Criterion Channel, and tons of other smaller services.

HBO Max will include 1800 movies, including the largest selection of recent blockbusters available on any streamer. Subscribers will also have access to 40 films in the DC library, including all of the new releases of the last decade available within the first year of launch, plus every Superman and Batman movie from the last 40 years. Joker will also be available at launch.

Stay tuned for more info about the new streaming service’s pricing information as this presentation continues.

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