Home and Away Remi star had different career which ended after horror injury

Home and Away star Adam Rowland was a keen Australian Rules football player until he suffered a shoulder injury when he was younger.

The actor made his debut as guitarist Remi Carter in July 2022 but his life could have turned out very differently had his sporting career not been cut short.

Adam grew up playing sports like basketball and has also run four marathons as well as completed triathlons.

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But he predominantly played Aussie Rules football from the age of six until 23.

It was only when a shoulder injury sidelined him from a promising career in the sport, allowing him to turn his attention to performing.

As a talented musician, being on stage was no stranger to Adam given he had played the guitar from a young age.

This eventually led to him landing the part of Remi who often showcases his musical talents on stage with Lyrik.

And the character certainly has a lot to deal with this week on the soap after he brought Mercedes Da Silva (Amali Golden) to the Bay to help win Battle of the Bands.

After begging Mercedes to give his unstable band another shot, he arranged for her to crash with Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), enraging Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) who shares a complicated history with the newcomer.

Another person intrigued about Mercedes' arrival was Remi's girlfriend Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin), who quizzed him over his close relationship with the violinist.

Having already appeared on a number of TV show, including former soap rivals Neighbours, Adam admitted he was nervous when he landed the role of Remi.

“I got an audition come through in about December," he told Yahoo Lifestyle. "About three weeks later, they gave me a call and flew me up to Sydney.

"I was quite nervous coming into the studio here in Sydney. Everyone I auditioned with were fantastic and we could have all played the band together, really.

"And yeah, we did the tape. I flew home. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, and then got a call two days later saying, you're in the band. You're in Lyrik."

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