Inside Man’s Stanley Tucci ‘so sad’ not to work with David Tennant

BBC: New trailer for drama Inside Man

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Small town vicar Harry Watling (played by David Tennant) faces a life-or-death dilemma in the latest gripping drama from Sherlock creator Steven Moffat, Inside Man. Hollywood star Stanley Tucci also joins the cast as a death row inmate who could help or hinder the dire situation, but the two co-stars have suggested their characters never actually meet in the BBC’s brand new thriller.

US star Stanley revealed he was sad when he realised he might not get the chance to act alongside the former Doctor Who star in his new TV role.

The Devil Wears Prada and Spotlight star portrays death row inmate Jefferson White, who has taken up a peculiar hobby from behind bars.

Meanwhile, in a small English village, local vicar Harry goes to desperate lengths to protect his son and a man in his parish after a devastating misunderstanding.

Inside Man’s two co-leads were asked if their characters ever met up during the four episodes, but the cast members were keeping all secrets close to their chests.

“We can’t really answer that question,” Stanley admitted as David ‘ummed and ahhed’.

David added: “It was very galling to think, ‘Oh! I’ve been offered a show opposite Stanley Tucci!’”

Stanley’s co-star proceeded to mime looking through script pages while looking confused.

He then exclaimed quizzically: “Why are we not on screen together…?”

Stanley gestured to his co-star Lydia West and joked: “I had to work with what’s-her-name!”

Lydia pretended to take offence before they both laughed and Stanley assured her, “No, it was wonderful.”

He then added to David: “But it was so sad because I’m a big admirer. Well, you’ll see what happens.”

From the first episode, a meeting between David and Stanley’s characters seems unlikely.

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Not only are both Harry and Jefferson on different continents, but they are both confined by drastically different sets of situations.

Meanwhile, investigative journalist Beth Davenport (Lydia West) has had glimpses from both sides of the story as she travels to the US to interview the death row detective in the first episode.

“Lydia is the one who goes between the two worlds,” David explained.

“So she would turn up on set and we’d go, ‘What’s it like over there?’”

Lydia joked: “It’s really nice, we’re all best friends!”

In reality, the show’s sets were actually in very close proximity, so David and Stanley at least got to meet even if they didn’t get the chance to act opposite each other.

Steven confirmed: “If you open the door we never open in the vicarage set you can look out and see Jefferson’s prison.”

Although Harry and Jefferson sharing the screen seems an impossibility after the first episode, viewers have already had several huge twists thrown their way so Inside Man could go absolutely anywhere in the remaining three chapters.

Inside Man continues Tuesday, September 16 at 9pm on BBC One.

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