Irresponsible! Jeremy Vine criticised by caller for not wanting to wear face mask

Jeremy Vine clashes with caller on not wearing face masks

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Jeremy Vine invited journalist Dawn Neesom, comedian Ria Lina and Dr Sarah Jarvis onto his Channel 5 show on Monday to discuss whether they agreed with mask-wearing no longer being compulsory after July 19. However, the presenter angered one of his viewers who called in to the show to express her frustration at those not willing to wear masks while cases of the coronavirus Delta variant in the UK continued to rise. 

The caller named Dianna argued mask-wearing should continue to be compulsory until the latest Covid variant was under control. 

“I just don’t want to wear a mask anymore, why should I have to?” Jeremy asked. 

Mocking the presenter, Dianna said: “Oh diddums, you don’t want to wear a mask?”

The caller branded Jeremy “irresponsible” before directing her attention at Dawn.

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Earlier in the show, Dawn had revealed she has recently stopped wearing masks due to a medical exemption but regularly carries out Covid tests at home. 

“I’d just like to say to Dawn,” Dianna continued. “I hope you’re not doing those Covid tests every day because they give false negatives.”

“Dawn doesn’t have Covid,” Jeremy stated and Dawn added: “I have been doing PCR tests medically but yes I have been doing tests every day.

“We have to live with coronavirus, do you think we should wear masks indefinitely?”

“No and that was not the question I was asked, we are at the peak of the third wave this isn’t the right time,” Dianna replied. 

Dr Sarah added: “I agree with Dianna in the short term, we do need to bear in mind this is a more transmissible variant but also you’re more likely to end up in hospital.

“We are in a third wave but whether we’re in the peak is up for debate.”

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