James Arthur revealed his mum ‘bribed’ him to take part on X-Factor ‘Was wild!’

James Arthur reveals his mum bribed him to take part on X-Factor

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James Arthur joined James Martin Saturday Morning to discuss his new upcoming album and his inspirations for writing his music. When Martin asked about the reason for him joining The X Factor, Arthur informed him that it was his mum who bribed him to go on to the show and hasn’t regretted his decision since.

Welcoming James Arthur to the house, James Martin first asked, “First all, what a career, but it’s been hard-earned, hasn’t it, really? Music has been you love all your life, nothing else really?”

Arthur began: “No, never had a plan B really, it’s been my whole life like you said, from a young lad I thought I would actually kind of make it into the industry in a rock band.

“I love my rock music, I was in indie bands and had my emo phase and all that, so yeah, it’s kind of interesting that I’ve had my breakthrough on X-Factor, something I never saw myself doing.

“My mum bribed me into auditioning so,” he revealed.

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Martin continued: “Was there a moment when you were doing a thing like the X-Factor, cos I have to say I watched you on it and I saw you from all the way up, and I was enthralled.

“[Because] I’m a big fan of your music, but was there a moment when you’re doing that where you think, this is something unbelievable?”

Arthur said: “There was a couple of unbelievable moments, you know, just getting such good reactions every week from the judges.

“People like Gary Barlow, who I’d admired growing up as a songwriter, and my mentor was a Pussycat Doll, on the show!

“It was just, the whole thing was wild, to be honest, I think it was the week that I was in the bottom two, so there was a very strong possibility I was going to go out of the show.

“Then, of course, I got through, and it was at that point that was I was like, ‘I’ve got to win this show now,” Arthur expressed.

Martin asked: “But one thing that’s fascinating when you speak to musicians and successful ones like I said 30 million records sold.

“It’s almost the back story makes you what you are, to be honest, you’re not giving it, you had to genuinely work for it.

“You’re such an interesting story in terms of before you even became famous,” Martin added with Arthur continuing: “I suppose that fact I’d been in bands plugging away.

“As I said, and doing the kind of grimy clubs, one man and his dog sort of thing, that set me up, ten years trying to breakthrough.

“I think when I got my opportunity on the X-Factor, I had the work ethic, and I took my opportunity with both hands.”

James Arthur rose to fame after winning the ninth series of The X Factor in 2012, with his debut cover of “Impossible” hit number one in the UK charts.

His mentor on the show was former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, where not only did she change his singing career but gave him a pop-star make-over.

Since his time on the X-Factor, Arthur has released four albums and featured on tracks with artists such as Rudimental and Travis Barker.

His latest single, ‘Emily’, which has recently been released, comes from his new album where he explained he wrote the song for his future daughter.

He revealed that the coronavirus pandemic and being in a lockdown made him look at his mental health and change for good for his future children.

James Martin Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:30am on ITV. 
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