Javi Marroquin says Lacey from Love After Lockup is clout chasing, denies knowing who she is

Lacey Whitlow from Love after Lockup is alleging that Javi Marroquin tried to meet up with her while he was in a relationship, and Javi is having none of it.

Lacey took to Twitter saying “Lmao he’s always been a player!  He used to watch me LIVE on webcam and would snap chat video himself all while in a relationship!! I’m not surprised…he’s just sorry his baby mama put him out on National TV…he played himself”.

A fan responded to Lacey’s allegations, asking “He snapped you videos of his junk?”

“Girl I’m telling you this was b4 I was on tv,” Lacey replied. “I was just a chaturbate cam model 😂😅 Lmao 😆 I’m sure I’m not the only one ☝️ but he was trying to get me to meet him, such a creep.”

Javi denies knowing Lacey

Javi was quick to deny knowing Lacey. “I don’t even know who that is.  Or even know what show that is.  Look I fucked up 100% and I’ll take blame for that but these random people trying to get clout ain’t cool.  Don’t kick someone when they’re down.  Don’t hurt more people for no reason.  Not cool”.

He continued, “And I just had to look up this persons ig to know what she even looks like I wouldn’t have even entertained this in 2015 or whenever she’s claiming”.

Lacey’s claim comes just over a week after Javi’s ex Kailyn Lowry accused him of trying to hook up with her on Teen Mom 2, stirring up drama between him and fiance, Lauren Comeau.  Soon after the episode aired, Kail publicly apologized to Lauren via Twitter.

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Javi struggles with aftermath of allegations

Amidst Lauren’s cryptic Instagram posts and videos showing her with their son Eli spending time with her family in Maine, Javi finally broke his silence in an emotional Instagram live yesterday.

While he didn’t directly reference Kail’s accusation, he did say, “It’s no secret that this year has been hard on me, my family, and my friends.  There’s a lot that I need to work on that I have to ask the Lord to kinda guide me in the right direction.”

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