Gruesome moment doctor bursts ‘Kinder egg-sized’ cyst from man’s forehead

A man has turned his life into a virtual recluse when he realised he has an egg-sized lump growing on his forehead for the last two years.

Planning co-ordinator Robert was forced to wear a woolly hat every day in attempt to hide his lump but recently he turned to dermatologist Dr Emma Craythorne's help to get rid of the pus-filled cyst.

Aired on Quest TV's The Bad Skin Clinic, the 39-year-old, of Rugby in Warwickshire, said: "It started off as a pin prick and in the last six months it’s started to grow and grow.

"It’s grown to such a size now that you can start to see it through the hat.

"I haven’t had my hair cut in eight months. It’s 24/7 on my mind; it’s really doing my head in and I just want to get rid of it."

Fiancée Lauren decided to take Robert to dermatological surgeon Dr Emma Craythorne for a consultation.

Dr Emma diagnosed the lump as an epidermoid cyst – a little sack or balloon within the skin that is filled with dead skin cells – that normally appears on the face, neck, back or chest.

While prepping to remove the cyst for Robert, she adds: "What’s exciting about this is one of my kids loves Kinder eggs as they get to see what’s inside the egg. And I kind of feel a little bit like that about this little Kinder egg right there!"

The expert first injects local anaesthetic to the lump and cuts open it, revealing a grey-coloured cyst wall.

"Lovely!" Dr Emma says. "Lovely colour. Perfect!"

She squeezes the lump and empties the pus out before cutting the sac off to stop it coming back.

Next, the expert seals off all the blood vessels and while she stitches up her patient’s wound she tells him it’ll be looking much better in about eight weeks.

Robert, overjoyed with his transformation already, sits up in the operation theatre as Dr Emma brings him the bloodied pus.

"Here the little surprise inside," Dr Emma says.

Robert takes a look at it and replies in relief: "God, is that what it is? It looked like a little brain.

"I feel like I can walk out now with no hat."

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