Joanna Gaines Gives Advice on the Process of Finding Your Purpose

In the Spring issue of Magnolia Journal, JoannaGaines focuses on the topic of purpose. She discusses the key to findpurpose as well as the steps to get there. Here’s the advice Gaines shares onhow to reach your life’s purpose.

Joanna Gaines says your purpose lies in your passions

If you’re unsure of your purpose, Gaines says it’s helpfulto look at what you’re passionate about. It’s also important to learn thelessons contained within your passions. This serves as a great guide when itcomes to identifying your path in life. Here’s what Gaines said in her column:

Even if the hope you have for your one-day future feels just out of reach or a million miles away, take a moment to look around at your present. What is it that thrills you? Around what ideas do your thoughts gravitate?

 Is there a deep-seated passion waiting to be brought to the surface? Whatever it may be, lean into it. Discover what lessons it has to teach you. Let it matter right now even if it’s not meant to last forever. Being a good steward of our purpose means trusting that how we cultivate our lives today will matter for who we become tomorrow.

Chip Gaines says he does his best to give Joanna enough space to live out her dreams

In the same issue, Chip Gaines writes a heartfelt essayabout how he does his best to support Joanna’s dreams. He says he likes beingthe center of attention, but sometimes he needs to step aside and allow hiswife to shine:

When I can clear her path, so to speak, and help her get to a place where she feels confident and capable to get after whatever it may be, I get to watch her change the world. Sometimes that looks like being the doofus who runs through a wall so she can come in and say, “Now I’ve got something to work with.”

Or it’s rambling on and on in meetings to give her time to gather her own thoughts. Other times, it’s as straightforward as hearing a dream of hers, taking her charge, and making it happen. It’s being the foundation she can trust to allow her to dream the future she envisions.

Joanna Gaines says the secret to finding your purpose is to focus on where you are today

Finding your life’s purpose can be a taxing process.However, Gaines says the key to finding purpose is to become aware of yourpurpose right now. Where you are today can give you information about the nextstep you should take in order to fulfill your ultimate goal in life. Instead ofjumping ahead and attempting to discover what you’re meant to do in the future,stop and uncover the purpose of your life in the here and now:

I believe each of us can choose to see the purpose in where we stand today. Whether the season you’re in feels like progress toward the future you envision, or most days feel like you’re stuck in neutral, without both I think we miss something important.

Our life’s purpose is not a one-stop arrival. It is worked out along the way. The journey itself is the most essential part, because that’s where the endless choices exist that lead us to where we’re going and the story we’re going to tell with our lives.

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