Kate Garraway shares milkman’s sweet gesture which has been ‘keeping her going’

Kate Garraway paid tribute to her milkman, Mick, on Friday's Good Morning Britain, thanking him for lending a helping hand to her family in their hour of need.

The presenter, 53, revealed Milk had been "keeping her going" over the past year, helping out with the groceries as her family copes with the hospitalisation of her husband Derek Draper.

Dad-of-two Derek was rushed to hospital with coronavirus last March and was immediately ushered into intensive care.

The virus has since left his system, but it has severely damaged his internal organs, leaving him in a state of "minimum consciousness".

Throughout everything, Kate's "lockdown hero" Mick has been delivering milk and more to her family home, leaving notes to see if there is any further way he can help.

She told her co-host Ben Shephard: "Mick, my milkman, who has just been amazing.

"He has absolutely just kept me going because he'll leave me little notes saying ‘do you need anything extra other than the milk?'"

She added: "I mean, like bread, butter or orange juice which he also supplies, he leaves a little smiley face."

Ben couldn't help but see the innuendo in the remark, as he burst out laughing, saying: "I bet he does! Are you still answering the door in your dressing gown and those fluffy slippers?"

Kate joked that she also wore a "shower cap" to answer the door, before continuing: "I tell you what, Mick, thank you. Shall we move on to other people's messages now I've got myself in trouble? Even I didn't see that one coming."

The mum-of-two closed the conversation by pointing out Mick's kind gesture has meant she can enjoy a cup of tea every morning, helping to soothe her.

She added: "It's just in my head, I think however long night I've had, whatever's gone on, I'll be able to have a cup of tea."

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, GMB fans were delighted to hear Kate's story, as they praised Ben and Kate for their warmth and charisma on the show.

One said: "Oh @kategarraway, it's always a joy when you're presenting. You've just made me laugh out loud with the story of your milkman and his extras."

"Oh so funny I actually laughed out loud! lovely to see some laughter in these tough times, best of luck Kate x," added a second.

While a third added: "Very funny BUT joking aside this milkman should be recognised for his caring nature."

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