Kendall Jenner tells mom Kris she's pregnant and she's 'about to cry' in prank video with Kourtney Kardashian

KENDALL Jenner announced her pregnancy to mom Kris, before admitting she was pranking her during a game of Truth or Dare.

The model told the reality TV matriarch that she was "about to cry" as she was egged on by her older sister Kourtney Kardashian.

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And it was a double-whammy for the 25-year-old star who then went on to try to fool her family that she was engaged to be married.

Kendall, who is currently dating NBA player Devin Booker, joined sister Kourtney, 42, to film a YouTube video for her Poosh lifestyle brand.

As the pair supped on cocktails, Kourtney dared Kendall to tell their mom she was pregnant.

She dialled Kris' number and said: "So I have a scenario – I have not gotten my period in a little while and I was supposed to get it like, last week.

"So I kinda got nervous and like, randomly took a test and it came back positive.

"So I took another one and that one also came back positive, and I'm literally like, about to cry."

But the mom-of-six's response was slightly unexpected as she told her daughter: "That's so weird you just told me this because I dreamed about this last night."

Keeping the prank going, Kendall added: "I'm kinda freaking out – I just don't know what to do."

Kris, 65, went on: "Well, I'll put on my clothes and get over there.

"You know, you have to do whatever your heart tells you to do. I think it's great news but I'm your mom."

As they sisters broke down laughing, Kendall revealed: Mom, I'm just kidding!"

Kendall then went on to borrow a ring, so that she could message the family group chat to pretend she was engaged.

The message resulted in a succession of calls from her other sisters, with Kylie, 23, insisting Kendall was "lying".

Kim, 40, and Khloe, 36, were also very quickly let into the joke, with Khloe scoffing: "That's so stupid. Why would you do that to us?"

To which Kourtney – who is currently dating musician Travis Barker – responded: "Well, at least we know you guys will be excited when the day comes."

During a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall told Khloe: "I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t have a kid. During quarantine, you get bored and start thinking about a lot of things.

"And then I’ll see True and North playing together, and I want kids. Badly. Soon."

The catwalk star was then forced to shut down pregnancy rumors after fans went wild over her mom Kris' cryptic post where she shared a baby bottle.

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