Kevin Can F**k Himself finale leaves fans begging for second season ‘Renew this show

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The first season of AMC’ dark comedy came to a show-stopping end and it looked as though Allison McRoberts (played by Annie Murphy) may have had her wish granted. Kevin Can F**k Himself followed the life of a miserable wife who wants to kill her good for nothing husband and the jaw-dropping season finale has left fans wanting more.

Star Annie Murphy leads the cast of Kevin Can F**k himself and fans will recognise her from the award-winning Schitt’s Creek, where she played Alexis Rose.

In this series, she takes on a very different character, as Allison – a stereotypical sitcom housewife.

Throughout the series, she prepares homecooked meals and kept her appearance above standard while tidying up after her misogynistic, slob of a husband Kevin McRoberts (Eric Petersen).

As well as being dirty, he would always invite friends to ‘watch the game’ – and they were also awful to Allison.

As she was constantly being mocked, ridiculed and met with narcissistic abuse, she began fantasising about killing her husband.

While Kevin thought he was being funny, Allison would daydream about the different and best way to ensure he died a painful death.

She enlists the help of a friend and next-door neighbour Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) to come up with a fool proof plan to kill Kevin and put an end to Allison’s miserable life.

In a typical sitcom manner, the show uses a multi setup camera and audience laughter when she appears on screen with her husband, but when she’s alone a single setup camera is used to show audiences she’s going down a difficult path.

Although Allison tried everything to get rid of her husband, her plans continued to backfire. In the finale, titled Fixed, things became more complicated.

Nick (Robin Lord Taylor), the hitman Allison hired, was in hospital comatose due to a botched home invasion and, despite his family pulling the plug, he managed to survive.

Neil O’Conner (Alex Bonifer), Kevin’s best friend, overheard Allison and his sister Patty arguing about the murder plot – and when he tried to call Kevin, Patty smashed a bottle over his head.

With all these storylines and more setting up a second season, fans took to Twitter to beg for the show to be renewed.

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One fan explained: “Was not expecting that cliffhanger, but it was set up PERFECTLY, could totally lead into a great s2 and I hope that announcement comes soon from @AMC_TV. Thank you @KevCanFHimself for an incredible season!”

Another added: “#kevincanfhimself is a truly brilliant show and it would be such a waste not to continue it and see where it can go and how much more brilliant it can get please renew this show.

“I really hope KEVIN CAN F*** HIMSELF is put on Netflix, so it can get the audience it deserves, that season finale was wonderful,” a fan agreed.

A viewer tweeted: “I need more Kevin can f himself, so it better be renewed.”

Another fan put: “I love this show SO MUCH and I will simply not rest until the s2 announcement drops.”

One viewer begged the show’s network and tweeted: “This finale has opened the show up to so many possibilities we need a season two !!!”

With a season one ending on a major cliffhanger, a second instalment is now in high demand.

AMC are yet to announce the show’s renewal but will be updated with any new information about the series.

All episodes of Kevin Can F**K Himself are available to stream on AMC.

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