Loose Women's Denise Welch, 62, almost spills out of her bikini in before-and-after weight loss snaps

LOOSE Women star Denise Welch has recreated the moment she nearly exposed herself in a bright pink bikini on holiday.

The outspoken 62-year-old, who was two stone heavier when the picture was originally taken, revealed she has overhauled her lifestyle in the past decade.

She explained that she gained weight after swapping booze for food – but got back on track by using therapy to rewire her attitude to eating.

Denise shared the picture, posting: "My annual before and after pic!! Sadly not on a beach ?.

"Nine yrs ago I had put on over 2 stone after giving up alcohol and accepting that I had serious addiction issues.

"As a result I turned to food to fill the void and my crooked thinking let to a very quick weight gain that was in danger of spiralling into another addiction.

"I needed more than just a diet to help so when I was contacted by @lighterlife I listened as they used cognitive behavioural therapy to change the relationship with food.

"I’ve never looked back and still do flexifasting to maintain a healthy weight.

"I’m not remotely bothered about being a size 10. I’m a 12/14 but my osteoarthritis is massively improved and so is my breathing which be came impaired with weight gain.

"I’m 63 this yr and I’m more bothered about my health than anything else. Especially after this yr when we know how morbid obesity has caused so many problems with Covid."

She added: "It’s so easy to comfort eat and emotional eating is so very common.

"There’s never been enough help out there for those struggling which is why I’m a proud ambassador for @lighterlife.

"I’ve seen type 2 diabetes reversed in so many people and lives changed as a result."

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