Love Island fans work out the ‘real reason’ villa has turned on Jessie after explosive row with Casey | The Sun

LOVE Island fans have sussed the "real reason" the villa has turned on Jessie Wynter.

Last night's explosive episode saw the Aussie bombshell clash with Casey O'Gorman before Olivia Hawkins claimed the star's feelings for Will Young are not true.

Speaking with bombshell Rosie and Lana Jenkins during last night's Love Island, Olivia admitted she is not convinced by Jessie's actions, saying: "I just don't think the intentions are that genuine."

Rosie added: "I really hope for Will's sake they are."

Last night, fans were all left saying the same thing as Jessie pulled Casey for a chat.

Casey was still reeling from last night's Snog, Marry, Pie game that saw Claudia react furiously to him choosing to kiss Rosie instead of her.

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He felt his pals Will and Tom could have backed him more than they did, after they showed concern for the upset Claudia.

Jessie pulls him up on asking his pals to apologise – when all hell breaks loose.

Now viewers are noting the change of opinion towards Jessie is actually a planned tactic by some Love Island stars looking to scoop the prize money.

They have suggested the stars want Jessie – who is with fan-favourite farmer Will – out of the equation, so they can win.

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One took to Twitter to write: "Everyone s**t talking Jessie.. admit u just want to win."

Another put: "Obviously know Will's a strong winner so got to take them down for their chance."

A third wailed: "I feel sorry for Will! It’s too late to put doubt in his mind now, I don’t see the point! What is it gonna achieve? Except hurt him and make sure they don’t win!"

Another wrote a lengthier analysis and put: "Olivia wants that 50k, everything she said of Jessie is a reflection of herself 1 million percent.

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"The girl is 2 faced and she’s a narcissist you can see it from a mile off. She isn’t in there for love the girls a game player and as we’ve seen a hypocrite."

Previously, the girls were accused by show fans of "bullying" newbie Rosie by ignoring her.

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