Mandy destroys Marlon as Jessie cheats on him in Emmerdale?

After making a brief visit earlier this year, Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) returns to Emmerdale once more in the coming episodes, and it doesn’t take her long to get caught up in all the signature drama of the Dales as, upon her arrival back in the village, she makes a shocking discovery — and it’s one that could have huge ramifications for Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Jessie’s (Sandra Marvin) marriage.

Jessie’s had it rough the past couple of weeks and, following her dismissal as head teacher of the school, her relationship with Marlon has been teetering on the edge of ruin. In the coming episodes, her frustrations grow, as she’s left humiliated when the kids at the after-school club run rings around her.

Al (Michael Wildman) suggests that she look elsewhere for a head teacher’s job — and her interest is piqued when he informs her that such a position is available in Dubai. However, before Jessie even has a chance weigh up her options, Al reveals that he’s already arranged a phone interview for her.

With everything happening so quickly, Jessie decides to withhold this information from Marlon. However, Al spies an opportunity to cause some trouble, so he spills the beans, telling his ex’s new hubby that Jessie’s considering a job in Dubai.

Upon learning this information, Marlon isn’t pleased, so he decides to head home to have it out with his wife. However, when he arrives he catches her mid-interview, so he storms off once more.

Matters are made worse when Al is put on the football team and, before long, some petty dirty tactics are carried out on the field. After the game, Al and Jessie reminisce about the past while up at the cricket pavilion — and Al wastes little time in moving in for a kiss.

Later, he attempts to kiss Jessie once more — this time at home — and she reciprocates, kissing him back. However, the door bursts open and Mandy enters, catching the pair in the act.

Will Mandy reveal what she knows to Marlon?

If so, will this be the end of his marriage to Jessie?

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