Moira fights back against Nicola in Emmerdale after Isaac is targeted

Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is on the warpath again in Emmerdale, and this time her target is Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb).

We know that Nicola isn’t one for holding back on her opinions, and we also know that when she feels that she’s been a victim she will go all out to seek justice for anyone she feels has wronged her.

We saw this when she was attacked by a gang of girls. After Nicola identified Naomi Walters (Karene Peter) as being part of the gang she went after her relentlessly. In upcoming episodes of the soap we see her applying the same kind of focus as she seeks justice for her daughter Angel (Rebecca Bakes) and has Moira very firmly in her sights.

Nicola was driving her daughter to an appointment in a stressed and flustered state herself because they were late, when her car and Moira’s collided at a junction. Angel was seriously hurt in the crash, but although Nicola was clearly worried about her daughter she was also furious at Moira.

Obviously covering for her own feelings of guilt around the accident, Nicola starts to pursue Moira by any means she can find, including visiting Liam (Jonny McPherson) to see if there’s any medical evidence that can substantiate her claim against Moira. When that avenue proves fruitless she switches tactic.

Taking to online forums, Nicola starts to post vicious things about Moira and her family. She’s previously had some harsh words to say about the family after Kyle (Huey Quinn) admitted to accidentally killing Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

She even threatened to call the police on Kyle after he hurt her son Carl (Charlie Munro Joyce) in a fight. The fight was caused by Carl repeating Nicola’s own words: ‘Mum says she’s glad you’re not her son. Who wants to live with Killer Kyle?’

So we can see the level of abuse that Nicola is willing to throw, but this time it’s Kyle’s little brother Isaac (Bobby Dunsmoir) who suffers the repercussions after he starts to be bullied at school.

While Moira can cope with Nicola’s accusations on her own behalf, she draws the line at her son suffering because of it and she heads over to Victoria Cottage to threaten Nicola with action if the online abuse doesn’t stop.

Will she succeed? Or will this argument escalate into violence?

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