Coronation Street's Ellie Leach splits from model boyfriend after five years

Coronation Street star Ellie Leach has split from her boyfriend after a five year relationship.

The actress left her role as Faye Windass last week (May 24), departing Weatherfield for a new life in Slough with Jackson (Joseph Evans) and their daughter Miley.

The departure was a difficult one for Faye, as she initially thought it would be best to stay in the cobbles for Craig (Colson Smith), who was threatening to tell the police about her and Emma’s (Alexandra Mardell) hit and run last January.

Fortunately, after some family photos, Craig realised that Faye would truly be a lot happier elsewhere.

As she left the cobbles in a taxi, she stopped once more to say goodbye to her best friend.

Faye thanked Craig for all the support he had shown her since they were at school, saying that she wouldn’t be who she is today without him.

Faye’s exit marked the end of Ellie’s time on the show after 12 years.

With so much to explore now she has left the soap, it is now said that her and Reagan Pettman have decided to ‘call things a day’, after meeting while studying performing arts at college.

‘Ellie has the world at her feet after stepping away from Corrie and she has taken time to reflect on which direction her life is going in’, a source told The Sun.

‘Ellie and Reagan decided to call things a day and she is making the most of her single status’.

Reflecting on her time on the show and her exit, Ellie told us recently: ‘It was very, very emotional. Obviously, it’s Faye leaving the Street after 12 years but it’s me leaving the Street after 12 years as well.’

‘The saddest part of the scene is we’re in the taxi, we’re on our way and we just see Craig on his own just walking up the street. Faye’s like, “stop the car!” She gets out and she’s like, “I’ll always love you. I always have and I always will”.’

‘It was just so, so emotional. I think you do see that there’s two people here who do love each other but there are so many other factors. Love isn’t always enough, and I think you can definitely see that in that scene.’ 

‘We filmed the scenes out of sequence so I’d already filmed my last scene the day before and then I’d kind of gone back in time’, she added.

‘The last scene I filmed was with Colson and Mikey North and Lisa George. That was really nice because I hadn’t worked with Mikey in a while considering he plays my brother.

‘When we’d finished the scene there were people on the floor and my family came to watch and it was so, so emotional but I kind of felt really proud and lucky and loved. It was emotional but it was happy tears because I was like, “I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long and that all of these people are here to kind of wave me off.” Then we went for drinks afterwards. It was just a really, really lovely day and evening.’

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