Netflix Introduces New Superheroes in First Full Trailer for ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

Based on a comic series by writer Mark Millar, the series follows the 20th century’s greatest superheroes who are struggling to pass on their powers and responsibilities to their children.

AceShowbiz -Netflix has unveiled the first full trailer for “Jupiter’s Legacy“. Released on Wednesday, April 7, the clip introduces superhero families which members clash with each other as they come from two different generations of superheros.

The trailer opens with a group of people arriving in an island where they apparently get their superpowers from. “Don’t you remember the island and what we had to do to earn these powers?” someone asks in voiceover. Later, the scene cuts to 90 years later with Josh Duhamel‘s character Sheldon Sampson sporting long silver hair.

The trailer also hints at the rift between Shel and his children Brandon and Chloe. “The man I knew was never at home when I was a kid. Too busy saving the world,” Brandon says of his dad who pressures them to be the “ideal.”

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The video also sees how the older generation of superhero is struggling to adapt to the new world which doesn’t always seem to see someone saving the world as “heroes.” As for the kids, they are having a hard time living in their parents’ shadows.

Based on a comic series by writer Mark Millar and artist Frank Quitely, “Jupiter’s Legacy” follows the 20th century’s greatest superheroes who are struggling to pass on their powers and their responsibilities to their children who seemingly are not ready to be superheroes just yet. It will be the first series from the Millarworld comics to release on Netflix.

Joining Duhamel in the cast are Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Andrew Horton, Elena Kampouris, Mike Wade, Matt Lanter and Ian Quinlan. Meanwhile, Millar, Quitely and showrunner Steven S. DeKnight executive produce the show alongside Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Dan McDermott, James Middleton and Sang Kyu Kim.

“Jupiter’s Legacy” is set to arrive on May 7 on Netflix.

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