‘Nobody asked Sussex if we want Harry’ Calls for Duke to be stripped of titles like Andrew

Prince Harry slammed by expert for 'calculated dig' about Queen

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Former Transport minister Norman Baker told GB News both Prince Harry and Prince Andrew should lose their titles as he discussed the matter with Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster. It comes as calls for the latter to have his accolades taken away following the sexual assault case brought against him, which he has strongly denied and settled outside of court.

As the broadcasters and former MP debated whether the Duke of York should be stripped of titles, Baker stated Prince Harry should also have his removed.

“I’m living in Sussex, I woke up one day to find we had Prince Harry, nobody ever asked anyone in Sussex whether they want Prince Harry,” he argued.

“This is a rather medieval way of dealing with these matters, to just appoint people to parts of the country.

“But of course, the dukedom can only be taken away by the Queen”.


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