Paul Hollywood’s ex Summer Monteys-Fullam is being chased by reality TV bosses desperate to sign her up – The Sun

PAUL Hollywood's ex Summer Monteys-Fullam is being chased by reality TV bosses who are desperate to sign her up since the split, reports claim.

The ex-barmaid, 24, dumped the 53-year-old Great British Bake-Off star last week after refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement banning her from discussing their relationship.

She has since hinted she was "wasting her time with an old guy" during their time together.

Her candid comments about the break-up have attracted the attention of TV producers.

But she does not fancy appearing on Love Island, according to the Mirror.

One industry source said: “She is hot property. She clearly isn’t afraid of speaking her mind, and producers know she’d make great TV.

“There have been some very interesting offers but Summer is still getting over a difficult break-up so it’s unlikely she will commit to anything so soon.”

Summer said she was not attracted by suggestions to appear on Love Island or start her own video channel on YouTube.

She has said she’s considering writing a tell-all book about her relationship with the celebrity baker.

According to The Mirror, Paul's divorce from ex-wife Alex being finalised left Summer convinced that a diamond ring was heading her way.

She was then left feeling "insulted" when his solicitor demanded she signed the legal contract instead.

She left the £1million mansion they share together on Thursday morning with The Sun revealing that Paul launched into a four-letter tirade when Summer returned on Friday to collect her stuff.

The star shouted: "Why don’t you f*** off back on that horse you rode in on?"

Paul has since accused Summer of “making money selling stories and courting the paps" in an Instagram post.

But Summer wasted little time hitting back with her own Instagram message, saying: "His claims that I'm making money selling stories are totally false!

"I felt so betrayed by the NDA, particularly with how much pressure Paul and his lawyers put me under to sign it!"

She added: "I confided in friends and showed them the document. They were also horrified. This is obviously how it ended up in the public domain."

Ex-barmaid Summer accused Paul's lawyer of "pressurising" her into "signing a life changing document" and said she felt "betrayed" by the move.

She wrote: "With regards to 'courting the paps' this is a baseless and ridiculous statement to make as they were a constant feature of our lives!

"Simple tasks as going to Sainsbury's were opportunities for the paps. This was an accusation Paul has levelled at me from day one.

"He told me never to be photographed and to either drive at speed, lose or confront them with hostility!

"This made situations very tense and stressful and upsetting, resulting in the most unfavourable pics at times.

"He would be furious and shout at me and blame me if I got photographed.

"However towards the end of the relationship I adopted a different approach. I accepted it as part of our lives and went about my business.

"Paul took that as a sign that I was working with them – not true and not the same!"

Summer concluded: "I am not upset that the story has been published as I feel it is tantamount to a public service to warn other women about the horrendous implications these documents have."

In a previous post on Instagram, Summer said she was going to "upgrade" from Paul as she thanked her followers for their support.

One fan said: “Get yourself an upgrade now init” to which she replied: "Init”.

When another said she could write a book about what has happened, she said: “Funnily enough I’m actually really think about it after everything I have been through and am still going through lol.”

She added: "This has been one of the hardest things I've ever done."

Summer and Paul are currently at war over their beloved pets — including a £35 chicken called Karen.

While jilted Paul has said that his ex can keep their Rottweiler puppy Bear and her horses, he has insisted the pink-beaked £35 Plymouth Rock chicken, bought last month, is staying with him along with several other unnamed hens.

Paul also refused his ex access to a string of expensive gifts he bought her — including a £100,000 Range Rover SVR plus a £9,000 hot tub he got for her 24th birthday.

A source told us: "Summer has always been a massive animal lover. She would far rather keep her furry and feathered friends over anything of any real material value.

"But Paul insisted he kept the chickens, including Karen, and says he might rehome them. It’s all getting very petty and unpleasant."

A pal she confided in said: "Paul showed his true colours in the immediate aftermath of their break-up.

"One moment he was sending her grovelling messages seemingly trying to win her back, then the next he was swearing at her and her family.

"Summer told him that she didn’t want any of the gifts he’d given her, and that she was returning to take what was rightfully hers.

"That’s when he lost it and started effing and blinding."

The NDA drawn up by the baker’s lawyers demanded Summer could not discuss their sex life, Paul’s wealth or anything about their private lives.

One chilling section in the draconian order warned that Summer was not to tell anyone the NDA even existed.

Throughout, it refers to multi-millionaire Paul as just PH, and Summer as SMF.

A statement from the Bake Off star’s solicitor Tom Amlot read: "I asked Summer to sign an NDA as is standard practice in order to protect Paul’s family and their private lives.

"It’s not entirely surprising they have gone their separate ways."

The split brings an end to a tumultuous relationship, marred largely by the vicious words of his ex-wife Alex.

Former hotel chef Paul met barmaid Summer at his local pub while organising a birthday party for his wife.

They have always insisted their relationship only began after his marriage to Alex fell apart in November 2017.

In February, The Sun exclusively revealed that Alexandra got into a fiery spat with Summer when they bumped into each other at Marks & Spencer.

Witnesses claimed that Alex branded the young girl a "slut" and a "whore", with the police even being called when somebody with Summer started to hammer on the other woman's window in the car park.

A friend of Alex’s said at the time: "She was so shocked to see Summer that all she could say was, ‘Do you know how much you’ve hurt my son?’

"Summer laughed and started filming as Alex walked to her car.

"That’s when the other women started verbally abusing her. Alex was shaken and called the police."

Alexandra and Paul share 17-year-old son Josh together, with the teen living with his mum in their former family home.

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