Peaky Blinders location: Where in Liverpool is Peaky Blinders filmed?

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Peaky Blinders season six, which is expected to land on screens in 2021. Peaky Blinders is set mainly in Small Heath, Birmingham during the Interwar period, but the series is filmed in several locations including Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Yorkshire.
Where in Liverpool is Peaky Blinders filmed? has everything you need to know.

Where in Liverpool is Peaky Blinders filmed?

Peaky Blinders is set in Small Heath, Birmingham, with the show expanding into London, Scotland and the US over the past five seasons.

However, the majority of filming does not take place on location and is filmed in other cities across England.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail in 2014, producer Laurie Borg explained: “We would love to shoot the whole thing in Birmingham.

“But unfortunately the period locations we need just don’t exist anymore.”

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Instead, parts of Liverpool have served as some of the show’s most iconic backdrops.”

For example, the famous Watery Lane where the Shelby Company Limited offices are based was filmed on Powis Street in Liverpool.

Most memorably, Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) rode a horse down the street in the show’s very first episode.

Watery Lane did exist in Birmingham in the Interwar period but following world war two, the street no longer exists.

Aunt Polly Gray’s (Helen McCrory) mansion, which is located in Sutton Coldfield, was filmed in a mock-Tudor home in Port Sunlight, Wirral.

Also, a location in Port Sunlight was used to film the scene where Tommy was nearly beaten to death by Father Hughes’ (Paddy Considine) henchmen.

Port Sunlight is a model village and was built in the 1800s to house factory employees working for the Lever Brothers soap factory.

Other roads Liverpool residents will recognise include Kimmel Street and South Street, which were transformed to look like the 1920s.

Liverpool’s city centre also served as filming locations including Mount Street, Upper Duke Street, St Georges Hall and Pilgrim Street.

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Rodney Street, close to Liverpool’s city centre served as London in season two of the show.

Ellesmere Port, an industrial-era town alongside the Mersey River serves as London’s Camden Town, the home of Alfie Solomons’ (Tom Hardy) business.

The beach where Tommy shoots Alfie in season four of the series was filmed on Formby Beach in Liverpool – not Margate, Kent where it is set.

The Liverpool Echo also reported filming at the Seacombe Ferry Terminal and Bluecoat School, Wavertree.

Peaky fans will recognise the Seacombe Ferry terminal from season one of the show when the Changretta’s attempted to escape to the US.

There is also a Peaky Blinders themed bar Peaky fans can visit, located at the Brewery Works, Liverpool.

Fans of the series can also do guided tours of the Peaky Blinders filming locations in Liverpool.

Frith Tiplady, executive producer of Tiger Aspect Productions told Screen Yorkshire: “To realise 1919 Birmingham was always going to be a massive challenge.

“The Birmingham we needed to recreate, due to a combination of the war and town planners, doesn’t exist anymore.”

He added: “A combination of fantastic period locations, great crew and support from Screen Yorkshire and the local council.

“Most of our filming was in Leeds and supplemented by shooting a couple of key locations in Liverpool and Birmingham.”

Peaky Blinders is streaming on Netflix now

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