Peter Andre heartbroken as son Theo, 3, asks for a coronavirus test after COUGHING

PETER Andre has been left heartbroken after his three-year-old son Theo asked for a coronavirus test after coughing.

The former pop star is married to NHS doctor Emily and as a result their children are all too aware of the current risks.

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Reflecting on the current pandemic, Peter, 47, told new! magazine: "There are so many terrible things going on right now and the other day something happened that made me really sad and brought home the situation that we’re in.

"Theo coughed and said, 'I need to have a corona test.'

"I thought, 'He’s three years old and that’s the first thing he thought of!'

"It made me sad that he would think a cough is bad, but of course it’s unavoidable with the current situation."

The couple has two children together – Theo and Amelia, six – as well as Peter's kids with ex-wife Katie Price, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13.

Emily, 31, returned to work on the NHS frontline after testing positive for coronavirus herself earlier this year.

The junior doctor revealed how she was forced to isolate from her husband and children at the height of the pandemic.

Emily kept herself away from her loved ones for 10 days to keep them safe from catching the virus, but admitted it was a painful experience.

She told OK!: "I was only able to wave at them from the top of the stairs. Myself and Pete also slept in separate bedrooms just to be on the safe side.

"'It was horrible but the family adapted to it really well and I got a big hug at the end.

"I had a sore throat and lost my sense of smell and taste for a week."

A recent clip from their online show Life With The Andres showed how the family continue to take precautions, with Emily forced to reject a cuddle from Theo after coming in from work.

Emily did not want to touch her son until she changed out of her hospital uniform due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Her little boy can be seen asking for a hug as he excitedly reached his arms out as she got home from a busy day at work.

But Emily's face drops as she explains: "Let me go and get changed and I'll come and give you a big cuddle!"

Theo argues, saying that he wants her affection "now", with Peter stepping in to say: "Theo, mummy's got to go and get changed.

"Then we're going to give her a nice big meal!"

Grateful Emily replies: "I'm starving, give me two minutes and I'll go and get changed."

The NHS hero previously admitted that she is terrified of passing highly-contagious coronavirus onto her loved ones while she continues working.

She explained at the time: "Of course I'm worried that I could potentially bring it home to the kids, but I'm trying to be sensible and washing my hands and changing out of my clothes straight away before having a shower."

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