Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary clash over 'draconian' Covid hospital rules

Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary Jones clashed on Good Morning Britain over the ‘draconian’ measures in place at hospitals and care homes.

As some people continue to go on as normal despite the lockdown rules, Piers Morgan said that there needed to be more ‘humanity’ in hospitals where the sick and ill are left to potentially die alone.

But Dr Hilary defended the choice to have stricter rules in place in these high-risk locations, saying that stopping the spread there was essential.

Piers then read out a message from a viewer, who revealed that her mother was given just 15 minutes to go into a hospital to tell her own mum that her husband of 57 years had died, before being forced to leave her again.

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‘There’s a certain inhumanity to all this, which I know is driven by Covid, but does it makes sense?’ Piers quizzed.

‘It’s a situation that has touched me personally this weekend. So I know how horrible it is for people who desperately want to see their relatives or perhaps their relatives passed away but then they can’t get to see them,’ Dr Hilary said.

‘There are rules and regulations in place – 15 minutes is an arbitrary figure, but what do you make the figure? I mean, clearly, you have to protect those very vulnerable people in care homes.

‘The criticism was, at the beginning of this year, that they weren’t adequately protected. So there are very strict precautions being in being put in place in care homes to protect the very vulnerable and the staff who work there.’

But Piers insisted that it still wasn’t particularly fair when people can’t be with their loved ones in their time of need, but can spend time outside with strangers.

‘To me, it’s the difference between the two,’ Piers continued. ‘You’ve got these draconian rules in care homes and in hospitals which are causing distress to people, and the other rules have just been completely ignored.

‘No one’s enforcing them, and it’s like, well, if normal life’s going on for the vast majority of people, why can’t this poor woman spend more than 15 minutes with her mother?’

Dr Hilary said: ‘The point I’m trying to make is, if everybody followed the draconian rules, just for a short period of time, we would get on top of this virus.’

This weekend, the death toll in the UK passed 40,000, with a new phase of lockdown taking effect as of last Thursday.

However, more mass testing is to be rolled out by the government to more towns following a successful test run in Liverpool, with the hope that families can be reunited in time for Christmas.

The government is reportedly planning to roll out the programme to more places as early as next week as it seeks to catch more asymptomatic cases in order to stop the spread of the disease. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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