‘Piers Morgan no match for Lord Sugar on The Apprentice’ says Ryan-Mark Parsons

With The Apprentice taking a break this year, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, the BBC is instead airing a Best Bits series.

As someone who found fame on the business show, Daily Star Online columnist Ryan-Mark Parsons knows better than anybody what it's like to face Lord Sugar.

Despite being fired by the millionaire businessman, Ryan-Mark has said Lord Sugar is a "softie" – viewers just don't get to see it. He also said that rival Piers Morgan is no match for him.

Elsewhere in television, Britain's Got Talent viewers were frustrated when singer Sirine Jahangir was eliminated from the competition – a feeling Ryan-Mark shares.

And Great British Bake Off fans across the country were left gobsmacked when contestant Sura knocked her fellow competitor Dave's creation on the floor.

Oh – and by host Matt Lucas' Boris Johnson impersonation…

There is no Apprentice without Lord Sugar

Next week sees a brand new series of The Apprentice Best Bits, which will cover 15-years of the hit BBC show, featuring some of the most toe-curling and iconic moments of British television.

I'm expecting to see a return of much-loved characters and those we can't forget, including Katie Hopkins, my good friend Thomas Skinner and of course, me – who could forget U-turn?

Going on the show, I had no idea I'd be the youngest ever candidate since it began in 2005, and now looking back on all these years, it has produced some fantastic characters and outstanding businesses.

For example, Carina Lepore, who won last year, recently opened a new bakery in south-east London with the help of Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment.

I know from speaking to Carina and her family, the show has turned her life around, and you can see that across most of the winners' businesses.

We're often criticised for being "idiots" on national television, but it has to be one of the most intense reality shows in existence.

This aspect of the show isn't often spoken about, but you're completely isolated from the outside world during filming: no phones, music, television, calls to families are also very restricted.

The filming hours are extraordinarily long, and you're competing in front of cameras for the biggest business opportunity of a lifetime – it's irrefutably tough.

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So yes, when I was trending No1 on Twitter and thereby receiving a torrent of abuse, you don't realise how difficult the process truly is, and I have no doubt the trolls would crack after the first week.

Let's be honest, Lord Sugar does not need the money. He does this to bring people's business dreams into a profitable reality and does it well.

Some Apprentice winners employ hundreds of staff and are turning over millions of pounds alongside Lord Sugar as their partner.

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The impact of their success is felt by the winners, many of whom have changed their lives dramatically, and that's something no one can criticise.

I found Alan to be a softie; it's clear there's humanity the public doesn't get to see on-screen.

However, the future of Lord Sugar as the face of The Apprentice could be coming to an end in just a few years.

In a recent interview, the business titan said he would leave the show after "20 years", stating it would be a "nice round figure" before departing.

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The moment he leaves the show, there will be no show. Lord Sugar is synonymous with the programme and no one could successfully replace him.

I think calls for Piers Morgan to take over the role wouldn't go down well at all…

It's bizarre to think I was only 5 when the show started, now at age 20 and having experienced the process and writing about it – it's been surreal.

You don't want to miss next week's show and rest assured, in hard times and dealing with a 10pm curfew, this will be a treat we can all appreciate right now.

Second chance for BGT's Sirine

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I am furious.

The amazing singer Sirine Jahangir, 14, was voted off by the judges of Britain's Got Talent last week.

In an emotional recital, the blind singer struggled to finish her performance of Ruelle's Carry You, but her talent is unquestionable.

She blew away the judges in her first audition and became the bookies' favourite to the win the show.

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With all due respect, half of the judging panel can barely sing; they may be the "judges", but they ought to be more empathetic to real talent and give the young girl a second chance.

I'm hoping there will be a Wild Card this season, and I'm sure she'll have the support of millions of other distraught viewers if she makes a triumphant return in the BGT finale.

Bake Off critics back off

  • Bake Off hit with 181 Ofcom complaints after Matt Lucas' Boris impression

The show everyone adores is back.

Yes, I am talking about the Great British Bake Off. It’s up there with the Queen, David Attenborough and Digestive biscuits: a true British classic that you can’t get enough of.

Paul Hollywood's hypnotic glare and overrated handshake are back, along with fellow judge Prue Leith and presenters Noel Fielding and newbie Matt Lucas (who is fantastic).

In a hilarious and much-needed sketch, Matt Lucas opened the show mimicking Boris Johnson following his national address before the start of the new episode.

Unfortunately, this received hundreds of complaints made to Ofcom. Bonkers. The wet wipes who have time to complain to Ofcom are the same people who demand to speak to the manager if their Toby Carvery has hair in it.

The most insufferable, miserable and catastrophically dull kind of person sends an email to Ofcom over a bit of comedy.

What is happening to the world? It seems to be having a laugh – when the world is crumbling around us – is now criminal and anything anyone disagrees with is stupidly amplified – a pure waste of time.

My sympathies are with Ofcom during this busy period.

There is always drama in the tent, and the first episode didn’t fail.

In the Signature challenge, baker Sura accidentally knocked her baking rival Dave’s cakes on the floor.

I don't blame her. I would’ve done the same.

What's great about all of this, Sura came first in the challenge, and poor Dave finished ninth!

It’s a competition. What can you expect?

I look forward to more baking drama later in the series, and I have no doubt it will be full of calamities and "accidental" sabotage.

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