Ray Donovan season 8: Was Ray Donovan cancelled? Why was Ray Donovan cancelled?

Ray Donovan is the American crime-drama series starring Irish-American actor Liev Schreiber as the titular character. The show first premiered in 2013 and broke viewing records for the US network Showtime. Season seven recently finished airing in the US and will come to an end next week on Sky Atlantic in the UK but will there be more Ray Donovan to come?

Will there be another series of Ray Donovan?

There is bad news for fans of Ray Donovan.

Showtime has officially cancelled the series, which means the show will not return for an eighth run.

In a statement, Showtime said: “After seven incredible seasons, Ray Donovan has concluded its run on Showtime.

“We are proud that the series ended amid such strong viewership and on such a powerful note. 

“Our deepest thanks go to Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, showrunner David Hollander and the entire cast and crew, past and present, for their dedicated work.”

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Actor Liev Schreiber, who played titular character, Ray Donovan took to social media to toast the series with the word ‘slainte’, a phrase he used throughout the show.

The phrase “sláinte” translates to “cheers” in Irish and “health” in Scottish Gaelic. 

Schreiber’s actor brother Pablo Schreiber added a heartfelt response to the post: “Congratulations on a tremendous run! Your talent, intelligence and leadership shine brightly. On to the next!”

Fans of the show also took to Instagram to share their sadness on the show being over.

One fan commented pm Schreiber’s Instagram: “Gutted best show by far.”

A second fan wrote: “I’m gonna miss this show and I have to say it’s f***** up how it ends. Should have done an 8th and last season for closure even if it was only a few episodes long… #salud #slainte #goingtomissraydonovan.”

A third fan commented: “This is a travesty!!”

During its the show’s seven-season run, Ray Donovan won an Emmy for guest star Hank Azaria and a Golden Globe for Jon Voight.

Schreiber himself has been nominated five times for a Golden Globe, three times for an Emmy.


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A post shared byLiev Schreiber (@lievschreiber) on

Following the seasons seven finale in January, Schreiber took to Instagram asking fans to help save the show. 

Taking to Instagram, Schriber wrote: “What an amazing journey it’s been.

“I’ve been reading your comments, and the outpouring of love and support for our cast and crew has been truly overwhelming.

“I know the big question on everyone’s mind is whether there will be a season 8.

“Truth is it’s in the networks hands. So if you want more, reach out to them at @showtime, @raydonovan, and @cbstv and let them know how you feel.

“Either way it’s been an amazing ride and we have all of you to thank for it. xo Liev.”

In response to Schreiber’s post, fans began demanding an eighth series.

One fan commented: “There has to be a season 8. Ray deserves satisfactory closure. Ray is the man! Speaking as a Donovan myself.

“This great show, cast and crew should be given the finale it has earned. @showtime @raydonovan @cbstv.”

A second fan added: “Ugh you guys HAVE GOT to do another season….or 12 more.

“This is my favourite show I have ever watched & I just love the characters.”

A third fan wrote: “WHAT!!! There has to be more. I’m going to write everyone. They just can’t leave it like that.”


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Schreiber’s post came one week after Showtime’s co-president of entertainment, Gary Levine, told Deadline that Ray Donovan was “nearing the end of its run.”

He said: “I think Ray Donovan is nearing the end of its run. We always talked about seven or eight seasons.

“ Nothing has been decided yet but it’s fair to say it is nearing the end.”

The show’s future will not only depend on fan demand but also the show’s ratings.

Ray Donovan is streaming on NOW TV

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