‘Shall I warm you up?’ Bradley Walsh mocks Shaun Wallace over The Chase double error

The Chase: Bradley mocks Shaun after getting 'hammered'

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Bradley Walsh welcomed Scott Mills, Gareth Malone, Louise Minchin and Glenn Hoddle onto The Chase Celebrity Special on Saturday evening. The celebrities were taking on Chaser Shaun Wallace in the hopes of winning a cash prize for their chosen charities. Things got off to a good start when BBC Radio One DJ Scott stepped up and Shaun made a few bad decisions. Host Bradley couldn’t help but poke fun at his co-star for the errors.

Scott performed well in his cash-builder round, securing £4,000 for his prize fund.

However, he confessed he was nervous about going head to head with the Chaser, having lost on the show in the past.

As the Radio DJ began answering questions it quickly became clear he had nothing to worry about.

Scott was even with Shaun to start with as they both got the first two questions correct, but the game soon took a turn.

The next questions saw Shaun give two wrong answers in a row, while Scott answered correctly.

“I’m quite enjoying this at the moment,” Scott remarked, realising he had a strong lead.

“Yeah, you’re two from home, the Chaser’s millions behind,” Bradley joked.

When the round came to an end, Scott safely made it back to his teammates with the prize money.

After congratulating the radio star, Bradley quickly began mocking Shaun for his double error.

“Hammered there you were,” Bradley remarked, delighting in the Chaser’s loss.

The presenter teased: “Shall I ask you a couple more questions, warm you up?”

“No, no, that’s alright. We still have players to come,” Shaun replied calmly.

However, the rest of the show didn’t go much better for the Chaser as he was outrun by both Gareth and Louise.

Shaun managed to knock Glen out of the game, but even without the former footballer, the team had wracked up a prize fund of £74,000.

As a result, Scott, Gareth and Louise went head to head with Shaun in an intense Final Chase.

After having six attempts to push the Chaser back and successfully executing four, the group of celebrities managed to beat him.

Bradley praised the celebrity team for their impressive win: “Congratulations, £74,000.

“Well played Louise, Gareth, and Scott,” he added.

“Yeah, well played,” Shaun said, with Bradley laughing: “It’s hard to take a defeat like that. It’s hard to take.”

As the group divided the prize fund between them, they each took home £24,666 for their chosen charities.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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