She went white Stephs Packed Lunch star Luke Kempner on fear of watching baby die

Luke Kempner discusses 'traumatic' birth of his daughter

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Comedian Luke Kempner has been absent from Steph McGovern’s show of late as he and his wife Alana welcomed their newborn daughter to the world earlier this month. Returning to the Channel 4 show on Thursday, Luke delved into how he’s finding life as a new dad with Steph and guests Sara Davies, Sayeeda Warsi and Denise Van Outen. However, when he discussed the birth, Luke candidly admitted he feared his daughter wouldn’t make it after experiencing a “traumatic” ordeal.

Recalling the harrowing experience to his co-stars, Luke told Steph and co: “The baby’s in the other side of the room, you know, there’s beeping going on, there’s sort of – she’s being resuscitated. The baby’s just white.”

Strictly Come Dancing’s Sara shook her head in disbelief at the horrific tale Luke was telling as the comedian continued.

He went on: “And my wife who’s just sort of out of it and in shock having just given birth and done incredible and is looking at me going, ‘Is the baby okay? Is she okay?’ But in a sort of [in a happy voice], ‘Is she okay?’

“And I was just sort of like looking at this thing and going, ‘I’m seeing my daughter die right at this very moment’, and my wife’s looking at me for support.”

Luke added: “My head was just going, ‘Surely these things happen and you’ve got the best people on it’.”

The comedian admitted he turned to Steph in his time of need, desperate for advice on how to deal with the situation.

“I think I messaged you (Steph) saying, ‘What is the best thing I can do here?’” he said. “Which is just remain calm and let the people do what they’re doing. 

“I just turned to my wife and said, ‘Yeah, she’s fine, it’s okay’, and within five minutes she’d sort of pinkened up, and within seven minutes she started letting out a cry.”

The comedian commented further: “And within 11 minutes I could go over and see her and I just sort of said to her [in emotional voice], ‘Can I touch her?’ And they went, ‘Yeah, she’s yours’.”

As Luke revealed the happy ending to the story, Denise, Steph, Sayeeda and Sara all let out an “awww,” as they showed their support for Luke.

The Channel 4 star first addressed the traumatic experience with his Instagram followers, penning a heartfelt and emotional message when she was born.

He told his 23.3k followers: “I HAVE A BABY DAUGHTER! The last 6 days have been the most traumatic of my life but the outcome is the most perfect. 

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“My daughter Arabella Kenny Macfarlane Kempner was born 8:40am on Monday and I’m so in love.

“Alana was incredible to say the least. Baby was 17 days over due. I won’t go in to the full story but Alana is simply invincible. 

“Her mindset, her courage, her determination. Didn’t think I could love her anymore but I definitely can.”

Spotting the chance for a joke, Luke added: “I’m also a hero because I ate a LOT of snacks. So please at 8 o’clock can you all bang pots and pans for MEEEEEE. I’m so happy. Back to work very soon but gonna enjoy this time with my family!” (sic)

And it wasn’t just his co-stars who praised Luke’s candour as on Twitter, user Bryan Cowin said: “@LukeKempner Bravo for sharing your story about your child’s birth. 

“I went through the EXACT same thing you went through 5 years 4 months ago and our son is just the best thing ever. Well done for talking about it and thank you for doing it, I STILL haven’t spoken about it. “

Joe added: “Yes Luke, just heard/watched. Lots of love to you, Alana and Arabella x.”

While Elizabeth Scott weighed in: “#StephsPackedLunch @PackedLunchC4 @LukeKempner Congratulations lo Luke and his wife on their little daughter.” (sic)

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays at 12:30pm on Channel 4.

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